LOVE This Bro Who Refuses To Take Off His Oilers Lid For A Driver’s License Photo


Source – A Red Deer man says he’s prepared to go all the way to the Supreme Court in his fight to wear his Edmonton Oilers cap in his driver’s licence photo. When Ken Egilsson recently went to renew his licence, he cleared up his fines and paid the renewal fee. But the problem began when the registry office prepared to take a new photo. “Upon going for the picture, I refused to take my hat off,” Egilsson told Alberta@Noon on Thursday. “I’ve refused in the past, but this time, I’m actually standing my ground.” Head coverings worn daily for religious and medical reasons are permitted in driver’s licence photos, according to the province. Egilsson said his fight is about equality. “We say all the time we have a separation between church and state in Canada,” said Egilsson. “So if we have a separation between church and state then you should not be allowed to use any religious or cultural beliefs to circumvent laws that we already have in place. If certain people or certain groups are allowed to cover their head, then I should be able to cover my head based on equality.” Egilsson said he buys a new Edmonton Oilers hat at the beginning of every season. He wears it almost constantly, removing it only to shower and sleep. He’ll also take it off for a funeral or when the national anthem plays. “I would say hockey is a religion for lots of Canadian men and boys,” Egilsson said.


I’ve always been a believer that long as your face is visible, who cares what’s over your head? Your eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and ears are what’s being identified, not your hair – which generally changes anyways. I have a Nexus card (hardo) and was allowed to wear my lid on backwards for it. If that piece of government ID allows me to wear a hat, why not allow people to wear what they want on all pieces of ID so long as we can see their face? If you’re strongly devoted to anything – a book, a church, a faith, a subpar hockey team – you should be allowed to wear what makes you comfortable, so long as the card can perform it’s main function: identify you.

But this is way beyond the point of religion – that’s the purest form of love and devotion right there. Fuck you all if you think you love the Oil as much as Kenny “the Eagle” Egilsson. He’s 100 percent the guy you find walking around the mall rocking his jersey because it’s a game day. Not only does he go out and buy a fresh new Oilers lid every September, but he refuses to take it off unless he’s showering, sleeping, attending a funeral, or listening to the national anthem like a good Canadian kid. Puts a goddamn tear in my eye. Look at him, out there in some tropical paradise still rocking his Jordy Ebs sweater even though it’s probably 100 degrees. I was in Hawaii in August and didn’t come close to packing any sort of Oil apparel. Not a chance in hell I’d ever rock any of my Oil jerseys over a party tarp on vacay, including Petrell. Think Ken even considered packing a fire Hawaiian tarp over his jersey? No sir. That’s commitment right there, purely dedicated fandom executed to it’s fullest potential. The entire Oilers Entertainment Group should personally write Ken an apology letter for the last decade. Ken Egilsson, you can play for my team any day. Your devotion to a team that has brought so many thousands of others he most complete form of misery is truly inspiring. McGod bless you, Kenny.

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