That’s So Jungle: Smytty Losing Jibs, Coming Back To Set Up The 3OT Winner

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First of all, wow. Last night. Have a birthday, Kwas. No clue if Hank’s alive. Shoutout to former Merchant star Mike Roeleveld for pitching a perfect in pub golf. Everybody who took part witnessed history. Nine holes, nine strokes. Sounds like a night with Hank’s wife but it was just Punchy taking Whyte Ave by storm. You did good, kid.

Our That’s So Jungle series continues today as the Oilers finish a month long home stand. This one is without a doubt my favourite Smytty moment of all time. Every player has that one game that defines their careers, this was Smytty’s. Chris Pronger throws a puck up the middle and smokes Smytty right in the mouth. In the goddamn playoffs. Blood everywhere, teeth dispensing out of his mouth like a Pez machine. Probably had a concussion. But as I said, it was the playoffs. You have to leave it all on the ice when you get there, because you have no idea when you’ll ever be back*. I hate hockey hardos more than anything else in sports but seriously, if that was any other sport Smytty probably doesn’t come back. Could you imagine if LeBron lost teeth during a game? He’d be out for life. I think Smytty missed like maybe one shift. Like a true Alberta boy.

Not only did he have to finish the game, he had to play almost an entire other game right after it. This three overtime thriller the benchmark of that Cup run. Just a group of blue collar underdog boys rallying their asses off trying to make history. After Roli saved our asses and subsequently ended Cheechoo’s in double overtime, the third OT began with the guy who just a few hours earlier lost three teeth set up Shawn Horcoff for the winner, and series saver. That’s what Jungle life is all about, never give up. Smytty could have called it a game and nobody would have blamed him, but heroes don’t quit. And as Enrique Iglesias would say, we needed a hero that night.

PS – A gif of Roli robbing Cheechoo in double OT should be in the hall of fame. It won us the series.



*But actually.

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