That’s So Jungle: The Time The Roof Started Leaking Mid-Game


Eight games left in the Concrete Jungle. It hasn’t felt real until about a couple days ago, when the Rogers Place Twitter account tweeted a picture of the ice concrete being officially poured for the first time.

Hard to hear “slab concrete” and not think of the Jungle. But that’s what this series is all about. Remembering those times that we’ll tell our children about one day – the good, the bad, and the hilarious. Today’s is the latter. On February 27, 2011, during an otherwise typical loss to the Bruins, we experienced firsthand that our seemingly indesctrucible roof was in fact very destructible. Or at the very least, rapidly deteriorating due to the large amount of residue accumulated over the years in blossoming meadows of Northlands. Fans in section 231 were forced to evacuate their seats at the beginning of a stretch that seen us lose 13 of 16 games, or as we call it in Edmonton, March. The downpour was so miserable that they  needed to scatter 10 buckets and a caution sign around the seats. The caution sign is my favourite. Just sitting there like any other fan, watching the Oilers lose. Surprised it didn’t have a cold one. When you break it down, this hilariously unfortunate incident was actually pretty symbolic of how the remaining years would play out inside that old barn. Tears…of agony.

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