The Best of Sabres Fans After Last Night’s McDavid/Eichel Game

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Poor, poor Jack. This was apparently the biggest game of his curly headed career. All of Buffalo talked about how strong he was after that difficult loss. Honestly think we ruined his love for hockey. He came in hoping to show the world he belongs in McDavid’s category, only to have a front row seat for the McJesus Show burying 22 seconds in and ultimately finishing the game in overtime by soaking someone’s poor daughter in the actual front row. This isn’t a battle, this is a bloodbath. This rivalry is what Beatrice does to me every time she goes to Jamaica. Jack is a great young player. He will have a long NHL career, and should be proud of how far he’s come as a hockey player. But he’s not Connor, so stop doing stupid things like trying to draw comparisons between the two of them.

Like K-dog upstairs. Be grateful you have a player like Eichel, but don’t say you’d rather have him than McBarnSoaker, because you wouldn’t. You’re not happy you have Jack instead of Connor. That’s a lie you’ve conjured up in your head to erase the pain of depression. By next year you won’t have a goddamn clue where you are, like that chick from Inception. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog: raising awareness of the delusional idea that Eichel and McDavid are in the same category. This is an illness that’s apparently shared and suffered among many Sabres fans. Some feel he’s a better scorer. Others feel he’s a better all-round player. The really special ones feel that he’s just straight up a better player. Either way, it’s incredibly unhealthy to think like this, and someone needs to do something about it:

You are.


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Downplaying McDavid by saying Ovechkin hasn’t gotten by the second round is a new one.

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Tough day for Frank Weber. How ’bout Alex lowballing us to the moon. “Over a month.” Try three, bro.

PS – Right wing:


Cellying right in that blonde smoke’s face after scoring an overtime winner immediately after Jack missed the net is the most emasculating power move of 2016.

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