CBC Ran A Draft Simulation And Of Course The Oilers Won It

“Oh, that’s gonna go over well.”

And that, my friends, is called sending a message. Everybody in Toronto just simultaneously threw their TVs. Tim Murray broke a lamp. Gary Bettman changed a rule. Auston Matthews had a panic attack. Draft lottery dynasties like the Oilers ’10-’16 era know what it takes to win. Even the simulators know this is inevitable. This is exactly why they’ve changed the entire structure of the lottery. Because they know that this is our house. They know this. They’ve changed about 30 rules since 2011 because we dominated this thing so bad, and we’re still the champs. How many more championships will it take for Gary to finally change the rule to “anyone can win except Edmonton, fuck those guys.” That’s what it’s going to take to steal our crown. I’m surprised other teams even show up at this point. Trying to beat us in a draft lottery is like trying to beat Steph Curry in a three point contest. Stay home.

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