Connor for Cover #NHL17McDavid


If this isn’t the most obvious thing we’ve needed to do at ENS since we got the Katz kid to wear a suit then I don’t know what is. We are getting McJesus on the cover of NHL17, I Billy Guerintee it. I would have also settled for #NHL17MattyIce or #NHL17BigRig but beggars can’t be choosers. And actually, the next best thing to winner the Calder would be getting on the cover of Chel after 45 career games. So from this day, until this contest runs out, all of our tweets will include the hashtag #NHL17McDavid. I held an emergency staff meeting in the war room and put the writers on notice. Suffice to say this is the most important thing for the Oilers to accomplish since winning on Farewell Jungle night. We need this. You think Dallas will survive if Jamie Benn doesn’t get on the cover? Of course they will. They’re in a little thing I like to call the ‘second round’. We’re out of the playoffs for the tenth time in a decade. We’re stumbling into our first year at the Glass Jungle with six defenseman that look like Pompeii. Guys, I don’t mean to sound desperate, but this is our chance to become relevant again. The last time an Oiler was on the cover of Chel was never.

So here’s what you do: Every time you tweet, include #NHL17McDavid. Go to the cover vote site and vote for McDavid. But don’t just vote for him, vote for all the players in the other match ups that wouldn’t stand a chance against McDaddy. I’m talking Victor Hedman, Sasha Barkov, etc. Together, we can start a McRevolution. And we will.

PS – pray for Eichel.

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