Edmonton Voted Best Pizza in Canada, 8th Best in the World


Source – Arts festivals? Sure. A spectacular river valley? You betcha. A giant shopping mall? Of course. But of all the attributes that might draw a tourist to Edmonton, pizza probably wouldn’t be the first thing that springs to mind. Not, at least, until a popular tourism website bestowed the city this week with the honour of being the eighth top city in the world for pizza. Users on Conde Nast Traveler voted for Edmonton just ahead of the Italian cities of Florence, Palermo and Milan, and just one spot behind Venice. Chicago, New York and Rome topped the list, but the site notes that “in an era when artisanal and hipster pizzerias are all the rage, the old-school joints still rule up north in Edmonton.” That means meatballs, BBQ chicken, shrimp and — some may shudder — pineapple. The list singled out three Edmonton staples: Tony’s Pizza Palace, Packrat Louie and Rose Bowl Pizza. But it also gave a nod to the chain pizzeria Famoso, saying “the variety of pies … is not so much soup-to-nuts as white-sauce-to-peanuts (and surprisingly tasty).”


What a time to be alive!!! SUCK IT Calgary! This is Pizza Trav’s Stanley Cup. Couldn’t be happier for the kid. Really big day for him, ENS, and the City of Concrete. Of all the things the City of Champions has won – five Stanley Cups, 14 Grey Cups, three Memorial Cups, four draft lotteries, one Champion’s Cup, and our legendary North American League championship (RIP Capitals) – this one feels the best. To put us with the likes of pizza greats, such as New York, Chicago, Venice, and Rome, is a huge honour. And to put us ahead of juggernauts like Florence, Milan, and Palermo?! Get the hell out of town! Never realized how spoiled we were with pizza, until now. And honestly, I’ve never been to any of those places they’ve singled out, excluding Famoso. But you better believe myself, my staff, and Pizza Trav will be checking out Packrat Louie, Rose Bowl Pizza, and Tony Lander’s Pizza Palace in the immediate future.

PS – If you’re looking for some good pie in St. Vegas I highly recommend checking out Buco, if you haven’t already. My God they can make a slice. Real good date spot too, for the kids out there who want to impress a hunny and hammer a slice at the same time. Best of both worlds.

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