Edmontonians Are Pushing To Resurrect ‘City of Champions’ Slogan


Source – Little stops productivity in Edmonton faster than ‘City of Champions’ debates. The tagline was coined back in 1980s after a massive tornado saw the town work together to help those who’d been affected. But over time Edmonton fell out of love with the slogan, and last spring, council voted to remove it from six rather dated welcome signs. Mayor Don Iveson said at the time Edmonton had entered a “post-tagline” world. But Don Clarke, 84, doesn’t agree. Clarke and 13 others — including Tommy Banks and John Stanton — are part of a committee pushing council to reconsider returning the slogan to the signs, and is even proposing to pay for it if council agrees.


YES Donny Clarke!


#MakeEdmontonGreatAgain!! If anyone personally knows my man Donald Clarke tell him first round’s on me if he swings by the Crown. Early candidate for Edmontonian of the year, and a mortal lock to be Edmontonian of the Month. He’s just doing what any good citizen who loves his city would do: taking care of business. Offering to pay for the replacements out of his own pocket too like a good 780 kid. Should be completely unnecessary though because honestly, taking down the slogan made no sense anyways. It wasn’t doing any harm sitting on the like seven signs around our city, other than collecting a little dust and pleasantly reminding Calgary that we’re the boss. A friendly, subtle middle finger in the nose of our 403 relatives never hurt anyone, but apparently something about the saying was enough to warrant us stripping our own title away. So what if our hockey team stinks worse than a T&T Supermarket? That symbol had nothing to do with the former success and recent regress of our hockey team anyways. And actually, they’ve still been champions in a different sense. Did you know that since 2010 we have one more draft lottery championship than the Hawks have Stanley Cups? Burn, Chicago. Going for our fifth in seven this year too, which is what we did in the 80s with Cups. I believe they called that a dynasty. If that’s not what champions are made of then I don’t know what is.

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