ENS Gameday Preview: Flames @ Oilers


Well, tonight officially marks the last installment of the battle of Alberta in the friendly confines of the Concrete Jungle. Even when the Oilers are getting dusted 8-1 by these nut sniffers, there’s still no place I’d rather be on a Saturday night than slamming Rexall beers and watching a BOA, and it has yet to sink in that this is the last time I’ll be able to that. Doing it in the glass jungle for the next 40 years just won’t feel the same, and I’m sure plenty of Oilers fans feel the same way. Such a kick in the nuts that the NHL is making us close Rexall on a goddamn Wednesday night. It needed to be a Saturday and that goes without saying.

Over the last 8 or 9 years, the Battle of Alberta has not really featured too much battle to say the least. But the fans still get into the games, often more so than the players do. You better believe the Jungle crowd will be charged up and ready to go tonight, all we’ll need is for the Oilers to give us a reason to cheer. If McDaddy and the boys bring their A-game and put on a show for the home town crowd, that old barn is going to rocking harder than Connor rocked Monahan’s wife this afternoon.


No changes up front but former Flame Adam Pardy draws into play with Darnell Nurse.

Iceman in the pipes.

What Needs to Happen

We have to win this game. This is my last time at Rexall and I need to send that lovely barn off with a win more than I need oxygen to breathe. Come on, Oil.

What Can’t Happen

What Will Happen

The Oilers come out ready to play from the opening puck drop. McDavid does something ridiculous early in the game and the boys don’t look back.

Oilers win 6-2. Connor with 5.

Oil Bro

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