Shoutout To The St. Vegas Firefighters Who Took On A Fire Torando By Big Lake


How was your weekend? Do anything crazy? Check out another riveting performance by the Acoustiholics at the ol’ C&T? That’s sweet, they crank some serious heat in that watering hole. Speaking of heat, the firefighters of our beautiful city took on a fire tornado the size of Oakmont by Big Lake. I actually drove down Ray Gibbon on Thursday and seen the beginning of this mess. Of course at that time, it wasn’t nearly as apocalyptic looking as it was in the video. We joke around about St. Albert forever and what not on here but that right there is the real deal. These brave men and women who serve to protect our city are our heroes, day in and day out. Mad respect for what they do. I can’t describe how much we appreciate it, as a community, because I know for a fact anything with the words ‘inferno’ and ‘tornado’ in the same breath is enough to make me say “nope.” It’s days like today I’m thankful my job is behind a keyboard, not out in the open staring a colossal cluster of twisting flames directly right in the face. So I know I speak for all of us when I say thank you. Thank you for braving nightmares like this, and countless other dangerous incidents every year so we can live comfortably, safely, and peacefully in the greatest city on Earth. St. Vegas forever, baby.

And just so you know:

Thank the saints of this city that the clear waters of the mighty Sturg were nearby. What a river.

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