CBS Makes NBA Championship Poll, Call Raptors ‘Other’


Source – CBS’s sports website has a massive error – it can’t even be called a typo – in their poll about who will win the NBA Finals. The poll asks “who will win the NBA title?” and classifies the Raptors as ‘other.’ It’s been two days since the Toronto Raptors defeated the Miami Heat in Game 7 on Sunday at 3:30 p.m., clearly enough time to get their facts right. But for now categorizes the Toronto Raptors as ‘other,’ and naturally Raptors fans responded with #WetheOther making the hashtag trending on Twitter. Cue the outrage, Canada.



This was probably the most expected thing of all time. Like I’m not even sure the Cavaliers know who plays for Toronto. Irving was calling DeMar and Kyle “those two guys” in his pressers, not knowing that one of those two guys took his starting role at the All Star Game. And absolutely no one outside of the ENS head offices is giving the Raptors a chance. You think CBS cares they called the Raptors ‘other’? God no. Live look at their studios when people found out.


They don’t give a shit. Everybody’s laughing at us. I feel like the Jamaican bobsled team the first time they rolled up the hill in Calgary. We’re different. People don’t like different. Everybody south of the 49 wanted Miami there instead of Toronto. A big market, big name NBA franchise with a future hall of famer and a history with Lebron’s shitty hairline. They all know the Raptors are the fifth best team left behind Golden State, OKC, Cleveland and fucking Other. We’re used to being exiled. We’re used to people not giving us a chance. That’s the most Canadian thing of all time. People south of us are looking down at us. But we the North, and the North always remembers. Winter is coming, so buckle up. Let’s play ball.

PS – Cleveland:

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