Game Four: Raptors @ Heat


Jesus Christ I hate sports.


Wanna know how I know my sports teams will never win anything?

This is the most cursed shit of all time. JV was the Raps playoff MVP and it wasn’t even close. So this is how it should shake and bake with the injury:

PG – Kyle Lowry
SG – DeMar DeRozan
SF – DeMarre Carroll
PF – Patrick Patterson
C – Bismack Biyombo

So, Who to Obviously Watch



This injury is obviously catastrophic. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if we lose three straight now. Biz has played miserably bad all series long, and behind him we’re stuck with Lucas Nogueira and Jason Thompson. Nogueira is the guy below Biz up top. You’ve never heard of him. I actually loved Nogueira all season long, and he played well off the bench when JV went down for 20+ games this year. But he’s Lucas fucking Nogueira. That’s not exactly a confidence boost when you’re playing against a three time NBA champion and future first ballot hall of fame player.

Other options, of course, are to go with a small lineup off the bench – something Casey’s been known to do. You could roll James Johnson in the five spot, or even Patty if you’re really desperate (which, well, we are). Long story short, I’m concerned as hell.


I’m not concerned. Raptors win 92-87. Carroll leads the way with 24. T-Ross has a big game off the bench. Dwyane Wade figures out Canada’s a country.

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