Game Three: Raptors @ Heat

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Listen, I’m in no shape whatsoever to be doing this right now. But that’s what the people’s blogger is all about. Blogging under less than ideal circumstances is what I live for. Also I could slaughter for a brekkie bowl from Ricky’s. Just saying.

The North heads down to South Beach tied a one game a piece. That’s honestly way better than I thought we’d be. To be honest I didn’t expect the Raps to win a game this series. That’s how tortured of a fan I am. But yet, here we are. All we need to do is win one game down in the 305 and we golden Pony Boy. Party in the city where the heat is on.


I’m honestly too drunk to give a shit so let’s just assume it’s the same starting five as the first two games, ok?

Who to Watch


Pick any one of them and whatever.


We’re going to kill them. Raps win 106-88. Good night.


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