We beat not one, but TWO teams tonight. It’s hard enough trying to beat the Cavs, but the stripes too? Get that garbage outta here. But we tied, babaaaaaay!! Honestly, when Kyle and DeMar are on their games this team is as good as anyone. They both combined for over 60 tonight. And there’s nothing more to say about Bismack Biyombo that hasn’t already been said. Guy is playing on another planet right now. It’s going to suck so hard to lose him this summer. Might as well win it with him here, right now. This is a team that has been a perpetual joke to the media, and to America, in the playoffs. They’ve slammed us, belittled us, called us fucking other, and gave us not a fighting chance in hell at beating the Cleveland Cavaliers – a team that had ONE more win in the regular season than we did. We’ve played a million games in the past million days. They looked more exhausted than Dustin Byfuglien in a quad-OT marathon in the fourth quarter tonight, yet they kept fighting. And now, in a series where nobody except ENS gave them a shot, we find ourselves in a tie. Best of three now, starting Wednesday. All we gotta do is win one in Cleveland. And with JV back in the bullpen, anything is possible. Let’s go!


For those who didn’t watch, that was called a foul. Because LeBron.

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