Tonight Is The Biggest Game In Raptors History


This isn’t do or die, but it might as well be. If the Raptors want any chance at winning this series, they must win tonight. You simply can’t go back to Cleveland down 3-1. However, steal another one tonight and all of a sudden this series the so-called expected to be a blowout is all of a sudden a best of three. I think many of us didn’t expect the Raps to win a game, let alone dominate LeBron and the Cavs like they did in game three. And yet, here we are. One more win away from captivating the eyes of every single basketball fan there is.

This is absolutely a game I expect the Raptors to lose. If this franchise has taught me anything, it’s that I should never get my hopes up in any capacity. At least I expect the Oilers to fuck up my year. These guys are actually good, which makes getting bullied every playoffs even more unbearable. This year’s been no exception. Minus the conference finals appearance, this Raptors team has managed to put the pressure on my liver in each of the first two rounds. They allowed an Indiana team who had no business being in the series to take it the distance. They played seven games against a Miami Heat team who had two significant injuries on their roster. They’ve played more playoff games than any of the remaining teams, yet we’re three wins away from making history. All that stands between us and the Finals is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and a roster that’s smothered with talent. But if OKC can dummy Golden State by 108, then anything is possible. And this is why we sports. The ACC will be bedlam tonight, and the Raps are sending this series back to the City of Hurt all tied up. And I can’t wait to see the Michael Jordan crying faces stapled all over LeBron’s whiny ass hairline after we come back and win this shit. The Six in six. O-fucking-Canada baby, let’s go.

PS – JV will be a game time decision, but even if he doesn’t play I fully expect the big fella to be in the lineup on Wednesday. Imagine a tied series and getting Valanciunas back? Ugh, hell ya. Stink it, LeBron.

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