Today in ‘Life As An Oilers Fan’: Avs Take Tyson Barrie Off The Market



Why is this so hard? (that’s what she said). Four weeks ago we were drawing lineups with Hamonic penciled in, he rescinds himself. The weeks following, we simply replaced Hamonic’s illegitimate spot with Tyson Barrie, who is now – allegedly – off the market.


What the frig, guys? Listen, Joe. Mr. Burnaby. There’s eight days left until the draft, give me a fucking break. You Tkachuk doesn’t end up scoring 30 for us, just remember, you could have had him. Ugh. Our options are getting a whole lot worse. If you take a look at our defensemen we’re going to steal for cheap chart, it’s as follows:


Only two of those guys would be worth a package involving the 4th pick, so that’s nice. Being an Oilers fan tells me we’re going to end up paying to much for Vatanen, and that’s all we’ll get. I seriously have no idea what I’ll do with myself if we finish below 20th again next year.


At least the ‘Skos start in nine days.

PS – People have been asking if there’ll be a preview blog for the Bunz softball tournament. Does a bear shit in the woods?




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