Edmonton Cab Driver In All Kinds Of Shit For Refusing Service To St. Albert


Source – It appears an Edmonton taxi driver could be fined, and even lose his job, after video surfaced showing him refusing to take a passenger from the city’s downtown core, to St. Albert. In a post on Facebook, Justin Hardy said he was with two friends on Whyte Avenue Saturday, May 21, when they flagged a taxi at about 2:25 a.m. “He asked us where we wanted to go and we said we needed to go to St. Albert and make a stop downtown, which is where I live,” Hardy said. The driver refused – Hardy said that’s when he started recording the conversation. In the video, Hardy can be heard clarifying the driver’s reasons for turning down the fare – the driver is heard saying St. Albert is “too out of range”, and it was “too busy on Whyte Ave.” Hardy said the same thing had happened to him before, a number of other Facebook users said it had happened to them as well. The refusal is also against the city’s Vehicle for Hire Bylaw, which reads: A person driving a taxi, accessible taxi, or private transportation provider must not refuse a request for service from a potential passenger. “The only way that they can refuse service is if they feel there’s a serious concern to their safety or damage to their vehicle,” Peace Officer Chad Katena said. Yellow Cab president Phil Strong agrees – Strong has seen Hardy’s video. “[Hardy] was very polite, it’s not a situation where a driver’s going to feel threatened,” Strong said. Strong said the driver in this case will face a disciplinary hearing which could result in his dismissal, and he could face a fine of $1,000 by the city.



By now you’ve probably heard the story. I would have had this out sooner, but I had some business issues to sort out. But did St. Albert do it again, or did St. Albert do it again? What a goddamn city. St. Vegas has a new hero, and his name is Justin Hardy. I think we’ve all had one or 60 stories of cab drivers refusing to take us from Whyte or downtown to St. Albert, Justin was just the first one who was functional enough to whip out his phone and videotape the SOB refusing to do a simple thing like driving 20 minutes down the road. The ultimate mailtime. No, I don’t want to do my simple job of driving you from one location to another, simply for the possibility of having another intoxicated individual require a ride to a shorter distance. That’s a bold strategy Cotton let’s see how it plays out when a phone is videoing you admitting that you’d rather give someone else a ride because it’s not out of your way. Safety first, Edmonton, that’s why we got rid of Uber in the first place amiright?! If you were at work and refused to do your job, what would happen? You’d join Alex Plante on the unemployed line, that’s what’s up. FINALLY we busted these clowns in the act. I wish Justin would have caught the guy asking for a hundo up front too, would have been the icing on his cab career’s cake. But we still need more. We’re one month away from Uber making its triumphant return. In the meantime, keep your phones on standby while entering cabs. When they ultimately refuse to take you, take those bad boys out Justin Hardy style and silently film your driver refusing to do his job. Let’s show them what they did when they took Uber away from us. St. Albert forever.

PS – TappCar isn’t even close to being on par with Uber. First time taking it and the driver complained about going to St. Albert, before ultimately asking for $60 upfront. Déjà vu. Smell ya in 30 days.

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