Emergency Halftime Blog: We’re Not Losing To Winnipeg


Yes, I forgot to publish a game day blog today. Yes, I know I promised one – especially against Winnipeg. No, I’m not sorry. That’s because I’m doing something better: a halftime blog. We’re currently down 13-10 to the City of Angels. Am I worried? God know. The only people who should be worried are the frozen idiots slamming celebratory halftime cold ones in the Rum Hut. Winnipeg stinks (literally). There’s 14 people in the stadium. Their quarterback’s name is Drew fucking Willy. Their national bird is a mosquito. So no, I’m not even close to being worried. I’m definitely substantially less worried after that low hanger call by my boy Jay Moss at the end of the half. That’s what I’m talking about there. That’s my boy. You know dis.


‘Skos come back and win 42-20. Reilly and White put on a show. Winnipeg gets hauled by a sinkhole.

PS – That catch by Bowman made it move.

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