The Sens Are Selling Season Seats For Less Than Your Monthly Gym Membership


I’m going to start by saying I’m not surprised at all that Ottawa is having a tough time selling season tickets. Look at their attendance last year:


Their arena capacity percentage was less than juggernauts like Anaheim. They barely edged out a team that plays in Newark. I mean my God, the Panthers were four percentage points below Ottawa. They’ve always been the ugly stepchild of Canadian teams, even after Winnipeg returned from a 15 year hiatus. Every Sens fan was a Leafs or Habs fan first. Eight people showed up at a rally to save the second best player in franchise history. They basically built their arena in Yellowknife. They’ve done next to nothing as an organization to accumulate and sustain a fan base. But $48 a month? My god, Ottawa. Relocate. That’s a terrible look for Canada. I’m pretty sure my Panthers tickets cost more. I spend $48 a month at Mucho Burrito. And this was the best, I repeat, the best Canadian team last year. They were THREE games above .500. What the fuck even is that? Ottawa finished a modest 15 points ahead of the Oilers and we still need mortgages to watch hockey. Meanwhile, Sens fans get to watch above average hockey for less than a membership at World Health. Get Erik Karlsson the hell out of Ottawa.

PS – Arena capacities for road teams lmao good try Calgary:


When a full percentage point would rather watch Arizona than you:


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