There’s A Hepatitis Warning At The Tudor Glen Edo In St. Vegas


Source – Patrons of at a pair of Japanese restaurants in the Edmonton area may have been exposed to Hepatitis A. Alberta Health Services confirmed Tuesday that a food handler with the untreatable infection had been working at two Edo Japan locations — at Manning Town Centre in north Edmonton and the Tudor Glen South storefront in St. Albert. Anyone who dined at these restaurants between June 13-18 and June 21-28 (inclusive) may have been exposed. “While we believe the risk to the public is low, hepatitis A is a serious infection,” says Dr. Joanna Oda, Medical Officer of Health for the Edmonton Zone. “As a precaution, anyone who consumed food at either Edo location is advised to monitor themselves and their family for symptoms until Aug. 17, 2016.”


Yikes. Heads up to anyone who’s smashed the Edo by Solo in June, maybe go get checked out. This is why you always crush the one by Walmart. Goddamn Edo, man. The only fast food joint bold enough to ask for a tip on their debit machine is casually giving out teriyaki chicken with a side order of hepatitis. Stay safe everybody.

PS – Heard this story yesterday, immediately went to Edo. The thought of hepatitis in the back of my mind and there was still no hesitation. Their chicken and beef, man. My god.

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