The Big Rig Launched His Own Clothing Line And My God It’s Spectacular



Thoughts and prayers to my bank account: 1991-2016. It didn’t stand a chance.

When ENS’s favourite player since Yak drops a nuke of a headline you stop what you’re doing and immediately blog it for the world city to see. Seriously. Those are Denzel Washington Man on Fire tarps. I want them all. You’re telling me I can get a B19RIG Oil Country tee for $17.99?!? All time deal. That’s like the price of a Bobby Nick’s burger. I spend more money at Quiznos. Smell ya never, Simons, ‘cus the Big Rig just decorated my wardrobe for the next 12 months. This is the best thing to happen to Edmonton since Connor. Hell ya. Oilers by 6 tonight.

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