The Blog I Never Wanted To Write: We Lost To Cleveland, Again


This sucks. For those who don’t know me, I’m a competitive guy. I hate to lose. Doesn’t matter sport: hockey, football, basketball, baseball, fantasy. It sucks. I legitimately did not think I would be writing this blog a week ago. But here we are. For the second time in six months, I’ve lost to Cleveland. This is the unfortunate reality I’m currently in. And there’s a very real possibility that in two weeks, we’ll be living in a world where the city of Cleveland has two world championships.


Truth is, the Jays just weren’t good enough. There are some obvious holes in this roster, whether you’d like to admit it or not. You can’t depend that much on the long ball and expect to win more than one or two rounds in October. Still, this is an incredibly talented roster that Atkins and Shapiro will build upon in the offseason. Take some of that Bautista money and go get us some OBP. Spend a couple bucks and get batters who’ll get on base. Find me one more outfielder who’ll round out the crew. Maybe a first baseman. I don’t care. Just get me the guys we need to get passed the CS next season. Ugh. Whatever. At least I have the Oilers hahahaha ok BRB shaving my beard.

PS – Goddammit so much

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