Milan Lucic’s Obvious Affection For Connor Stole The Show On Captain’s Day


As mentioned earlier, the Oilers made worst kept secret of all time come true this morning when they announced Connor McCaptain was officially introduced. And yes, he’s the youngest captain in hockey history. And yes, that C looks s’goddamn good on his chest. None of this is news. I knew this would happen in April, 2015 – a full two months before we actually drafted the kid. His arrival could not have been timed any better since our former was a seventh defenseman who drew up iconic plays like this during his reign:


Right on the tape. So yes, this was not unexpected. This is not surprising. This is everything that should have happened. When I actually put it that way, I’m kind of shocked the Oilers got something right. Whatever.

Anyways, as Connor begins his new reign of terror on the NHL as dictator of the Oilers, something else appears to be beginning. We all knew Luc had a little crush on Connor when he signed in Edmonton, as evident right here when he first arrived at the airport, but I truly think we’ve all undersold his affection towards the soon-to-be greatest player in hockey until now. Look at this. Just LOOK AT THIS:




Everybody needs someone to look at them the way Lucic looks at McDavid. He loves him. He adores him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he starts dressing and cutting his hair like him. And this is the best thing in the world for the Oilers. Anybody messes with Lucic’s man and that guy’s getting all sorts of body bagged. Easiest way to get over your old bromance? Find a new bro who’s bigger, stronger, and doesn’t regularly hang out with Luke Gazdic. Can only imagine the PTSD Taylor will feel when he sees that picture. Gonna use poor Adam Henrique like a paper towel to get over this breakup. God I can’t wait ’til Connor takes the Cup from Gary in one to three years while Luc stares in awe from a few feet away. Long may he reign!

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