The Couple Hours After Blog: We’re Going Streaking




I will not lie to you, I sat on the couch and slow-clapped like Joffrey Baratheon as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Lot to be happy about after that one. For one, it’s the franchise’s best start to a season since 1985. For another, we retain sole possession of first place. Oh, and lastly, Cam Talbot dished the Winnipeg Jets and their fans a one way ticket straight to Shutter Island. Before the game, Sportsnet aired a painfully awful video in which a Jets fan wrote a letter to Edmonton detailing his hatred for losing to us. I hope he wept.

1st Period

Both teams got off to a sluggish start, as expected. Many of these players had never played an outdoor game. There really isn’t much to reminisce about in the opening 20. The real highlights came here:

1st Intermission

Some band named the Strumbellas who are apparently big enough to be touring internationally took the stage and lit up IG Field, and this guy stole the entire show:


My lord was he ever great. I wish to hell I had a vine or a gif of Dave just givin’er while putting on an electric keyboard clinic. Holy smokes. The low hangers it takes to rock a lid with your name on it.

2nd Period








HAHA Winnipeg.

3-0 Oilers

3rd Period

From the moment the puck dropped in the third, you knew it was over. Those three goals in the third period sucked the living life out of IGF, and the Winnipeg Jets. Down by three goals, Winnipeg mustered just 10 shots on net in the final frame. And just like the old days, the boys walked all over the city of Winnipeg.


Final Thoughts

The game was delayed for a few hours because it was too sunny. Apparently, the NHL did not think the sun would be an issue in Winnipeg. Nobody can blame them.

I imagine there was a staggering amount of coping mechanisms that took place at the Rum Hut immediately following this one.

My god Connor looks deadly. I don’t even think the NHL is ready for how good this kid is. Remember Miranda, from last year? Would not want to be in her house as McDaddy torches the NHL for yet another week.

Wayner definitely did not make it back to the hotel last night.


This guy:


We’re now seven points ahead of the Flames lol.

Sum 41 let the dogs out during the pregame.

Never realized how much I actually missed Ondrej Pavelec until watching this game. Can’t even imagine what the score would have been had Ondrej the Giant Five-Hole been the ‘Peg’s puck misser.

Hottest Tweet of the Day


If the game was a song…

It’d be ‘The Best‘ by Tina Turner.

Most Outstanding Player

No brainer:


During this three game period of dominance, the Ice Man has stopped 96 of 99 shots. Look at the year this guy has had: He gets his chance at being a starting goalie, he got laid, he has twins, and now he’s the NHL wins leader by a comfortable two W’s. Yup. We don’t call him the Ice Man for nothing. Guy’s been sensational.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game™

This was probably the toughest one of the year, but I’m going to go ahead and give it to Kassian:


Zach Attack had two points, two hits, and three shots. Seemed like the guy was everywhere tonight in his expanded role. Almost gave him the MOP, but it’s tough to knock a 31 save shutty.

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