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(One hour prior to this)



SO MUCH BETTER THAN SUNDAY! We’ll get to the Jays in a minute.

1st Period

As I expected, the Oil came out flying during the opening 20. Right off the bat…two minutes in…it was Tony time:

Not Tony Lander, Tony Slepyshev babaaay. His first NHL goal, against the Carolina Hurricanes, like everybody’s always dreamed of. The response we’ve been waiting for since 2006 came from none other than this interesting gentleman.


Not Connor. Not Drai. Not Nuge. Not even Looch, or Ebs, or the Big Rig. Tony Slepyshev. Just like we all expected.

Ebs did, however, keep that response going with yet another goal that Cam Ward has allowed from behind the goal line this season:


Cam Ward STINKS.

Meanwhile, the Ice Man saved all 13 shots he faced, and the boys were up after one.

2-0 Oilers

2nd Period

More from the lines not named ‘Connor’s Line’!!:

Hey, that’s Tyler Pitlick! Remember the depth everyone was crying about after the second Calgary game? Found it.

3-0 Oilers

3rd Period

It wouldn’t be a Tuesday night in Edmonton without the Oilers at least threatening to go a little bit Oilerz. Two goals in :58s by offensive juggernaut Lee Stempniak brought Carolina within one with over 15 minutes to go in the game. We had one job this period: don’t blow out. Especially against a team that’s already blown as many three goal leads as Carolina has this year. If anybody knew it could be done, it was these guys. So I’m pretty sure every single one of us sat on the couch and patiently waited for the Oilers to blow this game.


It didn’t happen?


Wait, pardon?


We actually held on?


Ok who are these guys? (They’re the first place Edmonton Oilers…well, tied, because somehow Vancouver).

The response, ladies and gentleman.

3-2 Oilers

Final Thoughts

FirstĀ time this season in which the Oilers won a game without Connor registering a point. He had about three chances on the ENĀ but Nuge hit the post and Letestu was doing something weird with the puck behind the net. He’s still like second in the league in scoring. Who cares.

I fully expect to see 19-97-14 reunited again soon. Gotta get Connor some offensive productivity 5-on-5.

Benoit Pouliot actually looked like he was putting in an effort last night. Weird. It’s like getting your face chewed off by your head coach and collecting pine tar on your ass for 40 minutes sends a message in this league. Big Pou.

Adam Larsson and Oscar Klefbom need to take a step back, breathe, and play simple hockey again. We’re counting on those two to be our anchors and right now, they’re making too many mistakes for a pair that’s as important as they are.

Zach Kassian went to the Home Depot and bought hands this summer.

Told you the Ice Man would be back.

Congrats on joining the win club, Calgary.

Only four more days until we go into Winnipeg and slaughter the Jets for 10 in front of 33,000 frozen Winnipeggers.



The best part about sports is it’s truly never over until it’s actually over. I guarantee you every pundit outside of this site wrote them off. Only one team in the 153,000 years that baseball”s existed has comeback down 3-0 to win a series. Wanna know who should feel confident about those ultra-slim chances? Canadians. That shit happens every two years in hockey. And the Mecca of karma? Tito Francona, now the skip of Cleveland, was the skip of that Red Sox team who hadĀ thatĀ historic comeback against the Yankees in 2004. They made a goddamn 30-for-30 about it. If the Jays comeback and win this series they’ll probably make a 30-for-30 on Francisco Lindor and how his mother cooks lasagna. Fuck the Tribe. Jays in 7.


On that note, if you see me in public and I look homeless, I’m not. I very much have a place to live. It’s because my playoff beard for these guys is reaching outrageous proportions. It’s itchy. It sucks. But it’s for the Jays.

Hottest Tweet of the Night



If the game was a song…

Good Day‘ by Nappy Roots.

Most Outstanding Player

You know what? It’s Tony time.


Hank will love this one. Mr. GQ got the response started two minutes into the game, and the boys followed his lead. He deserves this award. Might very well be his only one of the year. Atta be, Tony.

Gatorā€™s Grinder of the Gameā„¢

Cam Talbot, baby. The Ice Man.



The Ice Man needed an individual response as bad as our entire team did, and he delivered. Really grinded this one out despite still having those twins on the way, and giving up a pick-6 on Sunday. His bounce back performance was highlighted by that incredibly poised glove save he made with literally seconds left in the game. The Ice ManĀ stopped 31 of 33 shots faced, and once again got the Oilers a W despite being outplayed by the opponents. Make that the third time this year it’s happened, and make this the first Gator’s Grinder of the Gameā„¢ in the Ice Man’s career.

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