Return of the Yak: Blues @ Oilers


Yak is back, but he’s a goddamn Blue. Just doesn’t feel right. I listened to his pre game interview tonight and it made me miss the kid. He is electric in front of a mic. You never know what he might say. I was just waiting for him to go full wildcard and guarantee a win tonight. We all know that can happen..

See you next time!

Its been refreshing to see him play well in St. Louis. He’s put up a couple of points playing with…wait for it… former Oiler Magnus Paajarvi! The Blues have FOUR of them! Four guys who weren’t good enough for the Oilers are good enough for one of the best teams in the NHL. But it’s okay, because over the years we’ve turned Kyle Brodziak, Magnus Paajarvi, David Perron, and Nail Yakupov into Kyle Bigos (ECHL player), Olivier Roy (plays in Austria), Bob Klinkhammer, one of the picks used for Griffin Reinhart, and last but not least, hopefully a a second round pick and a guy who literally quit hockey when he got traded to the Oilers.

What an organization.

The Lineup

It will be the same lineup as the other night, but Eric Gryba draws in on the third pair for the injured Mark Fayne.

The Iceman is ready to go and will be back in the pipes tonight.  After his wife giving birth to twins yesterday no less! Love the commitment from Cam.

Tonight’s Opponent

The St. Louis Blues.

Why They Stink

Look, I could sit here and go on this whole rant about the Blues having been in the league since 1967 but they have somehow managed to never win a cup. Just to put things into perspective, that’s even worse than the Canucks. But since I love Yak so much, I’ll take a another night off and be nice to his new team. I wish him all the best and I know for a fact he tucks 15 this year just to do us Oil fans a favor and send a 2nd round pick our way for one last hoorah.

They also have a good St. Albert boy on the club so it’s not right to hate the Blues now that David Backes is gone.

Why Their Fans Stink

Which Blue Stinks

It was tough to find a contestant for this section tonight. For the last decade it would have been David Backes every game because he is an absolute puke. Now that he’s gone, it made things a lot tougher. Finally settled on Kevin Shattenkirk. The reason? This guy could have been an Oiler this summer. We would have finally got the right shot, offensive defenseman to anchor our power play that we so obviously need. Instead, he had to ruin our dreams because of the fact that he would have refused to sign with the Oil. Apparently he thinks he’s too good for our city. In his goddamn dreams. Hey Kev, we have the best player in the world, bro. Your loss. I don’t know if his hairline would have kept him warm enough during our winters anyways.

The Roundup

The Oil are looking to improve their record to an impressive 4-1 tonight with the Blues in town. Not exactly an easy opponent for them to do that against. St. Louis has pretty much had their way with Edmonton for the last decade. They’re a big, fast, and physical club that typically just pushed the Oilers out of the rink every time they played. Luckily, this team that Chiarelli has built is made for that style of hockey. There are big bodies throughout the lineup so don’t count on getting crushed tonight.

This is the first elite team that Edmonton will face this year and if they want to win they’ll need to have contributions from their top six. RNH needs to get going. The Oilers second line hasn’t pissed a drop this year and if they are going to be playing competitive games after Christmas that will need to change. The Oilers also need to stay out of the box tonight. Not only does St. Louis have a ton of skill on their PP, but they’re full of former Oilers which scares me even more. The curse of the former Oilers is real.

Prediction City

Edmonton gives the fans in attendance something to cheer about tonight. They get out to a fast start when McDavid busts out of his 2 game slump with a beauty goal when Todd the God gets him out on the ice against Bob Bortuzzo. It’ll be a tight, physical game, but Edmonton carries onto to a 4-3 win. 81-1.

Fresh off opening his blazing hot clothing line, Big Rig lights the lamp with 2.

……………Yak with 3.


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