Today in Puljujarvi’s Grin: He Dressed As Mr. Incredible for the Oilers Halloween Party


Hahahahahahahaha oh man. He fucks. Someday, I’d like to find something or someone that makes me as happy as Jesse Puljujarvi is dressing up as Mr. Incredible. You juts know that guy burst out laughing at the blowup muscles when he put that baby on. Just stealing the show, one Oilers team event at a time. Now, the unwritten rule is that can’t have a newcomer come in and steal the show. But Jesse don’t play by the rules. Like I’m sure he’s already been sent down twice now, but every time he waltzes out of the Pistol’s office with a big idiot grin on his face and goes right back to getting dressed for practice. And nobody does or says anything about it, because that’s just Jesse being Jesse. Something about this guy screams Vakidis.


I don’t care how selfish it is of me, I never want that man to fully learn English. He’s the goddamn best.

PS – Who wore it better?


Can’t imagine the degree of chirps Iiro the Hero got for rocking basically the same costume as Eberle’s girlfriend. Probably threw on the shades specifically so he could block out the haters.

PSS – Special shout out to the Big Rig and his girlfriend for putting together a couple’s costume for the history books: Spike and IceBox from all time Rick Moranis classic, Little Giants.


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