Weekend in Winnipeg: Heritage Classic Preview – Oilers @ Jets


Editor’s note: I really wanted to go to this game. Like, really, really wanted to. But I couldn’t justify spending money to go to this shithole of a third world country. Winnipeg stinks.

Unfortunately for the Oilers, they’ve had to spend the last two days in Winnipeg. Kind of rude of the NHL to make the Oilers play outdoors in Winnipeg after waiting all these years to invite the Oilers back for an outdoor game since they were the first to host one in 2003. I suppose you can’t blame the NHL for not giving us another chance considering we’ve been a burning dumpster fire for the last decade, but still, kind of rude.

The Oil and the Jets will drop the puck at Investor’s Group Field this afternoon as Edmonton will be looking to improve their all-time record in outdoor games to 1-1.



He fucks.

Today’s Opponent

The goddamn Jets.

Why They Stink

Like Shanny, I hate the Jets. But I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to pin down exactly why I hate them so much. Maybe it’s the fact that since they’ve been back in the league, everybody in Canada seems to have some sort of soft spot for them. The honeymoon phase has somehow lasted since 2011. The Jets are like the little brother franchise for everyone in Canada. The “good for Winnipeg for finally getting an NHL team back” attitude needs to end and it needed to end four years ago. They’re the goddamn Atlanta Thrashers. They’ve never even won a playoff game. The Oilers may stink, but at least or organization has won a playoff game since 1997. The stench of the Trashers lives on. If we can’t have nice things, neither can Winnipeg.

Why Their Fans Stink

Jets fans are dedicated. At least since they’ve been since they’ve had their second crack at an NHL franchise. They’re loud, they’re creative, and they’re usually drunk. But leave it up to the mouth breathers in Winnipeg to somehow come up with a “Laine’s Better” chant this afternoon after Connor lights them up for a touchdown and Jets fans need to find something to cheer about before they remember that they’re still from Winnipeg.

Which Jet Stinks

Kevin Cheveldayoff.

This jamoke did literally nothing for like four years and he still managed to be a better GM than the Oilers have had since Sather. He just sat back and did nothing while the Jets Thrashers stocked their cupboards full of young players. But then he really had to deliver the dagger this year when he sent down their human shooter tutor to the AHL. Ondrej Pavelec, man. Such a shitty move. How dare the Jets try to be a competitive hockey team this year and get rid of the easiest guy in the league to make fun of. It gets thrown around a little too much when talking about goalies, but I honestly don’t think Pavelec could stop a beach ball. I’ll miss watching his blunders on TSN every week. Fuck Cheveldayoff for ruining our fun.

The Roundup

The Oilers will look to make it a cool 5-1 through their first two weeks of the season. I can’t believe it. Its almost surreal for us to not to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs already. Today will be a bit of a different test for Edmonton to say the least. I haven’t watched an outdoor game in a few years, but I’ve heard enough to know it will be tough for the players to battle the outdoor ice, as well as the sun. Edmonton will need to keep things simple. No risky plays up the middle in their own zone, just get the puck to Connor and everything will be okay.

Prediction City

You just know McDaddy is ready for the big stage. He comes out flying and sets up Looch for an early goal, and the fellas don’t look back from there. Connor caps things off with a four point effort en route to a 5-2 Oilers win.

Big Rig with 2. Buy a shirt. Lets GO!

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