Esk’s Hunt For a Repeat Starts Today: ‘Skos @ Ti-Cats


It officially the middle of November, and you know what that means: it’s time to fire it up for your beloved Edmonton Eskimos! We here at ENS are the first to admit that we’ve probably neglected the ‘Skos a bit since we re-launched, and we apologize for that. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s the CFL and nobody cares and some of you don’t care, nope. It has everything to do with the fact that we’re the champs. What would be the point of firing out a ton of Eskimos coverage if we know we’re all just waiting for the playoffs to kick off? Nobody wants to read a weekend morning preview of a blowout at the expense of the Alouettes. But do you want to read about the Eastern Division crossover playoff game over in Canada’s wonderland, Hamilton? We know you do. Everyone knows this is when the real season starts for the reigning Grey Cup champs. Hell ya! Some Canadian league playoff ball babaaaay!!

The Eskies roll into Hamilton today to bounce the TiCats out of the dance. In what was one of the all time best long-con moves, the defending champs decided to “stumble” their way through the regular season this year. They coasted to a cool 10-8 record, good for fourth place in the West and the right to kick the shit out of the East by virtue of the crossover rule. What a goddamn league. In fact, the Eskimos’ record would have been good for first place in the East, because that’s how much all of those teams stink:


4th in the west = 1st in the east. (Thanks for showing up, Saskatchewan). Again, what a goddamn league.

Am I worried about this game? Absolutely not. Am I worried about next week against Ottawa? LOL, no! All I can think about is how goddamn sweet it’ll be to meet the Calgary Stampeders in the Grey Cup. A BOA in the Grey Cup. What a time to be alive.  The Stamps will have to grind through the playoffs out West, as either BC or Winnipeg will give them a hell of an effort. Meanwhile, the Eskimos get to face two sub .500 clubs en route to their second consecutive GC appearance. Two weeks of warm up games for Edmonton. Couldn’t have worked out better for Ed Hervey and co. And if you think I’m being too dismissive of the TiCats and the REDBLACKS (LOL stupid idiots), then you need to give your head a shake. Do either of those teams have the best QB north of Detroit? Didn’t think so. And do either of those teams have a guy that can make plays like this:

or this:

What’s that?!!


Didn’t think so.

Edmonton’s defence may have struggled at times, but their offence was clicking all year. They finished second in pretty much every offensive category in the league. Seriously:


They have elite playmakers at the most important positions, and are facing the defence that allowed the third most points in the league this year. You do the math. I like our chances.

What better way to spend a Sunday then to sit on your couch, get involved in with some cold ones, and watch the Eskimos put the poor TiCats in a coffin? You’ll even be able to nap away your hangover and be up in time for the Oil game. That’s Sunday livin.

Mike Reilly shows no mercy. Eskmios win 35-20. AB with 3 TDs.

See you next week, Ottawa!

Hit it!!



Kickoff @ 11 AM on TSN

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