The Morning After Blog: Banged Up Oilers Begin A New Streak


Happy Sunday! Our first Sunday MAB this season. Took us almost an entire calendar month but we finally played our first Saturday game of the season. But better late than never. This blog was meant for Sundays. And what a Sunday this is, indeed. The depleted Oilers just beat Brooklyn, in Brooklyn. They play again in a few hours. We got an extra hour of sleep. And the Flames got fed through an industrial shredder.


1st Period

The Oil actually got off to their worst start of the season, causing Oilers Twitter to promptly explode:

I’m on record of saying Oilers Twitter is the worst group of Twitter fans in the league. Maybe that’s what a decade of losing does to you? Maybe being 7-3-1 isn’t enough to stop you from selling all your stock the second we fall behind by a couple early in a road game? I don’t know. And I don’t really care. Because even though I hadn’t finished my microwave popcorn and we were already down 2-rip, I still wasn’t concerned about losing that game. Why? Because this:


If you haven’t bought a shirt by now I can’t help you anymore. The Big Rig took over this game starting right here. The two goal lead: worst lead in hockey. Hope Norm and the boys didn’t throw themselves off the High Level yet, because he would have missed this too:


Add an assist to the Big Rig, who literally had two for the first time this year. Big day for the Rig, even bigger day for ENS. Also a special shout out to a good St. Vegas kid, Matty Benning, for picking up his first two career NHL points. Everybody loved it, from Lacome to Heritage Lakes, and from Akinsdale to Erin Ridge. What a town.

Before we continue, let’s all take a moment of silence for my boy:


At least we all have each other during this hopefully brief moment of grief. His knee is in the higher power’s hands now. Keep his knee in your thoughts and prayers.



2nd Period

Again, the Oilers fell behind. And again, I wasn’t worried, because the Islanders and their dump of a basketball stadium stink.


Yawn….let’s just skip the third and go right to the shootout.



Yup, our first shootout of the year. And the winner came from, none other than, Mark McTestu:




And the Edmonton Oilers are 8-3-1, on the back of Mark Letestu!!


Final Thoughts


“When you’re at the bar and your drunk friend is trying to go see his ex”:


If you would have told me before the start of the season that after 12 games we’d have the same record as Chicago I would have said “what’s wrong with them?”


Not a fan of that tiebreaker, though. Know what will change that? Beating Detroit at 3. And if you look at the bottom of the standings, you’ll find the rest of the Pacific Division.


Casual five point lead on the next closest team, and the only team that has a game in hand is the Arizona Coyotes, who are literal feces.

The Calgary Flames and Hank’s wife both got taken to pound town late last night.

Ryan MiLOLer


Love me some good ol’fashioned imploding Canucks. Let us quickly remember that they started 4-0:



Hahahahahaha stupid idiots.

Hottest Tweet of the Night


If the game was a song…

New York Groove” – Ace Frehley


B19!! Keep this guy with Connor and that’s so obvious. He was dominant yesterday. I’m a bigger fan of the Big Rig than his own mother and I didn’t even know he could do this:


Imagine how many more points Connor and now the Big Rig would have if Eberle could actually score.



The Iceman started his 12th game in a row for the boys, and grinded another W out for us. He stopped 33 of 36 shots, including all three in the shootout, teeing up Mark Letestu to seal us the victory – just like everybody thought. Sadly, the Iceman will not start in goal this afternoon. But like an ace pitcher, we don’t want to over work him. Guy needs some rest, we’ll need him in the playoffs.

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