The Morning After Blog: Calgary Gets BLOWN OUT By Hawks (And Oil Lose To The Leafs)


Not worried. Not even a little bit. We’ve out shot the last two teams we’ve faced by a trillion but lost both games. As such, the Oilers have now lost back to back games for the first time since April 2nd. That’s hockey. It happens. Moving on.

1st Period

Nazem Kadri’s attempt to stay relevant started early. Really early, actually. Like a buck 29 in on what was just a horrible shift by Klefbom. But that didn’t seem to phase the boys. The boys threw 19 shots on goal in the opening frame, a season high for a single period. Mr. Stink, Freddy Andersen, actually did a pretty good job at shutting the door, until it was time…


TONY TIME! Two games too late for all three of the people who picked him to score first on last Friday’s giveaway game. Still, on our record breaking shot of the period, it was Tony who fired it into the empty net while Andersen collected his belongings behind the line. Big Rig big fist bump!!


Buy a damn shirt.

1-1, 0-1 on Jay’s PP.

PS – This little scumbag of a weasel was at it all period:


Little did we know what kind of a rut in the gut this mouthbreather would ultimately be. That one was a good four or five seconds after the whistle. The play ended in August and Kadri still came at Connor. In what world is that okay, NHL? Cam Newton lost sleep over that.

2nd Period

Stupid idiot Leafs scored early again, this time coming from the most generic name of all time. Ben Smith — real person — got the Leafs back in front with what I figured was the first of his career, then I found out he’s been in the league for six years. Incredible.

We had another power play that successfully killed two minutes off the clock. We’re something like one for our last 20 now. That’s good.

2-1 Leafs, 0-2 on Jay’s PP.

3rd Period



He’s so good. Our main dude finished yet another game with an above .900 SV%.

And then, like he heard my prayer call from my most recent morning after blog, Darnell Nurse aka Daryl aka D-Money coming through with 12 to go!


It only took us 42 shots, but we finally were able to beat Frederik Andersen twice. You think D-Money was fired up after that one?


Ugh, hell ya. Can’t teach that enthusiasm. My boy.

2-2, which means…


Overtime!!! Our first OT segment in Morning After Blog history what a time annnnnd it’s over:


The bane of my existence. Nazem Kadri ended the OT before it even really started. That’s 3-on-3 hockey for you. Told you he got worse.

3-2 OT – Toronto


Final Thoughts



No McBoners 🙁

But Calgary got creamed by the Blackhawks 🙂

Also Arizona did us a huge solid by beating the Sharks.

That was my first game day blog loss of the season, dropping the overall record to 2-0-1. Boo.

Fuck Nazem Kadri with Poseidon’s trident.




Hottest Tweet of the Night



If the game were a song…

Dammit” by Blink 182

Most Outstanding Player



Hank will love this one. Tony was flying out there. Yes, he scored the first goal on a play gift wrapped by Andersen. But he was creating chances all night, had three shots, dished two hits, and went 100% on the dot. Can’t ask for much more in nine minutes of action. Well deserved.

Gator’s Grinder of the Game™

McDaddy, for taking abuse from that little mutt Nazem Kadri all night. Try to pull that stuff inside the Iron Jungle at the end of the month, I dare you. Little punk think’s his shit don’t stink. Well I got news for you, Nazem: your shit does stink.


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