The Morning After Blog: Oilers, Puljujarvi Dominant in Final Game at the Joe




The standings have slowly become my visual ecstasy. After years of wearing out the scroll bar, I finally no longer need to search to find the boys. Just open the page and look straight at the top. And while the rest of the hockey world patiently waits for us to burn, we’re still sitting (tied for) atop the Western Conference standings. Sooner or later this doesn’t become a small sample size, and we just need to admit that this is a good hockey team. By we I mean everybody else that isn’t us, who still haven’t bought into what we’re selling just yet, because we know everybody in NoAl is fully onboard with these Oilers.

1st Period

The Oilers didn’t let a quick PP goal against dictate the pace of the game. After this ridiculous TSN turning point, of course:


That puck goes in a million times out of a million in past seasons, but this is our year. Instead of it being 2-0 Wings, it remained 1-0, and teed up this:

Tyler Pitlick has FOUR goals!!! He was all over the place that period, and deserved that hard working wraparound. Looch and Drai with the helpers, and it was 1-1 after the first.

2nd Period

A period of nonsense was quickly saved by this ridiculous shot from Nuge on, wait for it, the power play.


With literally seconds left in the period. Nice little McPass on that baby.

2-1 Oilers


3rd Period

The boys locked’er down in the third. It was actually a historically boring period of hockey. The final shots in the period were five to four in favour of us. I’m pretty sure I watched football for most of it.




Post Game Press Conference

The highlight of the year:


Final Thoughts

We’re guaranteed at least 50% of our potential points from this road trip now. Who is this team?

Seriously, the second half of a back to back on the road with our backup in net and a one goal lead heading into the third has been a scheduled loss for the Oilers during the last decade. God we’re good.

Oh boy:

30% of players picked in the third round become NHL players so at least there’s that.

I took advantage of the extra hour yesterday by having two naps instead of one.


Hottest Tweet of the Night


If the game were a song…

“Monster Mash” by Bobby Picketts

Jonas isn’t going to win the MOP or the GGG, but he deserved a shoutout somewhere. Solid first start as an Oiler.

Most Outstanding Player & Gator’s Grinder of the Game™

Tyler Pitlick! Pitty’s been rock solid all season long, and last night was no exception. He was everywhere last night, getting the boys on the board with the answer goal in the first, lead the team with six shots, added three hits. It’s those second half of back to back games where we need the bottom six to step up and help take some minutes away from the top six, and Pitty’s line delivered yesterday.

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