That Was An Absurd Coaching Decision By Todd Last Night

Look, we’re not the ones who normally criticize the x’s and o’s of the game. Yea, I’ll call players stupid, idiots, stupid idiots, lazy, useless, incompetent, invisible, and so on. But I rarely ever say anything that’s pertinent to the game itself. My job is simply to make the most absurdly bias Oilers outcomes you’ll ever see, and then blame the rest of the world when we lose. I’m sure Hank will cover this more in the Morning After Blog once he stops dying of the flu, but what in the name of Anton Belov was Todd McLellan doing last night?


You have under a minute to go in the game, you’re up one against one of the worst teams in the world, you’re in a playoff race with like five other teams in your division, and you have Connor McDavid sitting on the bench (!!!!!!!!!) while five other players were ineffectively stumbling with their dicks out around the ice. I am the biggest Matty Ice fan in the city, literally anybody will tell you that, but he shouldn’t have been in the same postal code of the ice with under 60 seconds to go. We had Leon and Letestu out to take the faceoff and they were 33% and 30% respectively on the dot last night. There are a lot of things I can fathom, digest, even appreciate about an Oilers loss, but losing to Buffalo with 97 and 93 on the bench while 55 and Matty Ice were aimlessly throwing themselves around the defensive zone AFTER A TIMEOUT is inexcusable (oh, right, and we gave Buffalo a free timeout, because God hates us). Todd blamed the game on the first period and he’s not wrong. Our awful start is what ultimately cost us the game, not the final plays. But the fact is, Buffalo is a warehouse fire of an organization and even though we played like a bunch of hungover assholes, we still had a shot at winning the thing. It’s seizing those opportunities and capitalizing on them, even if you’re at your best, that separates the successful teams from the disappointing ones. And last night, we failed to capitalize on an easy two points. We sat back and played the final 60 seconds not to lose instead of to win, and that bit us right in the ass. Whatever. Still got Connor, even if he is on the bench. 68-10-4.

PS – Of course we lost to fucking Nilsson.


PSS – I see you there, Jultzy.

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