The Big Rig’s Post-Game Interview Will Give You All Of The Emotions


Let’s look at Tony Maroon aka the Little Rig’s celly after his dad’s goal one more time:

RIP heartstrings, you never stood a chance.

I swear to god if you haven’t bought a shirt by now. If this doesn’t make you buy one then nothing will. There’s nothing better than some pure, raw emotion in sports, especially from a bona fide ENS Hall of Famer like the Big Rig. I nearly lost it when Gene called him ‘Patrick’. You know Gene was choking up just being in the same area code as the Big Rig during that emotional roller coaster when he called him by his real name. It’s like when somebody calls me Brendan—I know I’m either in all kinds of shit or there’s about to be a Hurricane Katrina of waterworks. Next steak at Cactus is on me, BR.

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