ICYMI: TSN’s Feature On St. Albert’s Tyson Jost Is All The Feels That Have Ever Existed


Me, right now:

So. Many. Feels. I was out last night and didn’t hear about this until recently, but when I heard there was an absolute feels factory video on St. Albert’s own Tyson Jost I packed my things and headed straight for the office. Tears. All of the tears. I mean, this is what everything’s about right here. Nothing chokes me up like a quality story about a good St. Vegas kid. This is the very foundation that this site was built on. It’s everything I stand for as a community figure. Makes me so damn proud, man. I’ve never met Tyson, or any of the Jost’s for that matter, but it’s impossible not to feel like you’ve known them forever after watching that video because it hits so damn close to home. Figuratively and literally. Just knowing that a kid who’s that emotionally driven—with a strong head on his shoulders and a heart of pure gold—was raised by a woman as thoughtful, caring, and generous as Laura Jost right here in this community puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. It serves as a heartwarming reminder that, though we’re blessed to live in the greatest city on Earth, it’s still the little things in life that matter most. And no matter where life takes us, it’s important to remember both who we are and where we came from. That’s what ultimately drives us to who we’ll become, and the Jost family deserves every incredible moment that Tyson’s about to achieve. I was choking up during the opening montage, tearing up by minute one, crying by three, and having a full on collateral sob attack by the time all five minutes and 55 seconds were up. Actually, I’m heading back to St. Albert right now to give my momma a big hug. Canada in six. Jost for MVP. And St. Albert forever, baby.

PS – Nostalgia city, population: those Timbits clips at Kinex.

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