It’s Kassian’s World, And We’re Just Living In It

Bash Bro rule #1: Never leave a fellow basher behind:

Bash Bro rule #2: Always auto-shed:

My GOD this guy is an animal. Zack is currently making a serious run at the All-ENS 2016 Team and it’s only December. Those spring-loaded mitts flew off faster than you can say ‘Anthony Duclair’. If Zack and the boys bring that type of energy back home then it might even—dare I say it—get the suits at the Silent Jungle to make a little noise.

Has there ever been more of a Gator’s Grinder of the Game lock than Kassian right now? I know assume Hank’s working hard on the Morning After Blog as we speak, and I’m willing to bet my apartment that there might be one or two or twelve things about Kass in there. But I had to say my piece first. I just had to. He was too dominant last night and deserves his own blog because of it. We’ve made some jokes about him and the Big Rig being 2016’s version of the Bash Bros but last night I seen more of Dean Portman in Zack Kassian than ever before.

Just flinging bodies everywhere with a complete disregard for everything except defending the orange and blue. Kass finished the night with four hits, two points, and one intent to injure. Has a goal disallowed too, because that’s his thing. But most importantly, ya boy helped guide the Oilers to their first regulation win against AZ since the Liam Reddox era. Oh, and no hearing, because the NHL knows better than to risk messing with this lunatic:

Also sneaky won three straight. 6-2-3 in December. Suck it, Pac-Seven. We’re back.


PS – Kass fighting basically the entire Coyotes team reminded me of a little Steve McIntyre throwback from his post-Oilers days in Wilkes-Barre. Listen to the commentary, it’s absolutely priceless:

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