New Years Eve Means One Thing: USA @ Canada

This is my favourite part of New Years and it’s not even close. We get to watch Canada and the USA battle it out for Group B supremacy before watching the Oil knock the Canucks into next year. So as a special, last minute, 2016 treat, here is a mini-gameday preview of the Canada game.


The biggest news, of course, is in the crease:

Yep, it’s the good kid from the blossoming meadows of Imperial, Saskatchewan. Connor Ingram gets the call in goal over 780 star, Carter Hart. Personally, I think both these goalies are great. And it’s never a terrible idea to roll with a Connor. The only concern I have is that Ingram has had virtually nothing to do for weeks. His only game of the tournament so far was a six save trip to Shutter Island against the powerhouse Slovakia. If I played in goal for Canada in that game they still would have won. But Ingram is a stud in the W and probably knows his way around a Jon Deere so I have a ton of faith.

And if not, the entire country will blame the loss on goaltending because that’s what we do so no pressure my dude.

Today’s Opponent

Honestly, silver looks GREAT on that blue:

Just for shits and gigs, let’s watch former Team Canada WJ stud Max Domi knock Ryan Kesler’s face off with a one-punch from the moon:

Why They Stink

Well, the only time they won anything remotely meaningful in international hockey they made a goddamn movie about it, starring Kurt Russell.

Which American Stinks

Adam Fox:

The American defenseman has racked up 16 points in 11 games this season playing with Harvard. Yup, Adam goes to Harvard. What a fucking NERD! Maybe he’ll find a textbook that tells him how to defend el Connor lolol no he won’t his future ankles are doomed.


The year ends poorly for the United States, deservedly so, who will cap off what was an already miserable year with two more huge losses for their country.

That’s what you get for 2016, you idiots #ripHarambe

Canada wins 5-4 in an absolute thriller. Jost gets three. Strome gets one. Barzal gets one. The Condors scored seven last night—Reinhart was held pointless.

PS – Obligatory reminder that Jonathan Toews scored a billion times in the shootout on Team USA at the World Juniors.

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