Happy McBirthday, Azor Ahai

What a day to be alive. I wanted to get this out earlier, before all the celebrations really started to happen, but I had a paper due at noon…. On Connor’s birthday. Outrageous. Inexcusable. It’s literally the first week a school, give me a goddamn break.

The weekend has arrived, it’s Connor’s birthday, he just snagged point number el 50 mere hours ago, and–speaking of 50 points–the Oilers have 51 of them in the middle of January (!!!!)! Last year, we didn’t have 51 points until February 26th. Two years ago (or 1 B.C.): March 18th. We finished with 62 points that year and we’re already at 51 now with 38 games to go. What is this witchcraft?! Oh, it’s just a now-20-year-old messiah who was born on this day in 1997. An entire professional franchise was saved because Brian “B-Dawg” McDavid threw it in raw dog back in April of ’96. Thank you, Brian!

Literally could not imagine Oilers hockey without Connor doing his thing (actually yes I can, it’s called Oil Change). This young man has brought so much joy to the hearts of Oiler fans. Not that long ago we were the laughing stock of the NHL. Now, we’re battling for first place in the division around the same time as the All Star Game. So thank you, Connor. Congrats on finally being almost legal to drink in the US. Congrats on being the first player to hit 50 this year in the ‘Chel. And congrats on being the only player capable of pulling this franchise out of the dirt. Drinks will be poured in your name tonight, my captain. Happy goddamn birthday.

PS – Love that Calgary will be the first team to face 20-year-old Connor. Smell ya, Dougie.

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