The Morning After Blog: Boedkered

We lost to the Sharks and the Ducks won last night!

1st Period

This was the killer for the boys. You can’t start as flat as we did against an extremely difficult divisional opponent and expect to win. Mikkel Boedker (he’s about to be a problem) would make it 1-0 before the majority of the Silent Faithful even made it to their seats, much to Drew Remenda’s delight.

Good news is, The Drake had enough of San Jose’s pressure and got the Oil on the board with just under five to go in the first:

The bad news, San Jose responded almost immediately with a floater from the point. Brent Burns has 16 (!!!) goals.

2-1 Sharks

2nd Period

This was all Oilers. The shots on goal were 16-8. We had a power play that registered like six shots. We got a McPoin…OH MY GOD MARTIN JONES!

Despite all that chaos in the San Jose zone, Mikkel fucking Boedker would score two more goals before the 10 minute mark. Yes, Mikkel Boeder got a hatty against us in 28:55. This is the kind of night we were dealing with.

4-1 not Oilers

3rd Period

St. Albert to the rescue:

The celly!! WOOOOOF! And we weren’t done there:

Klefbom made it 4-3 shortly thereafter, and with 15 to go in the third it was suddenly a one goal game! Do you believe in miracles?!


Logan Couture scored his 13th of the year off a turnover, on an otherwise soft goal against, and the Sharks immediately restored their two goal lead. Worst lead in hockey though amiright?! Wrong.

5-3 Sharks, Christ.

Final Thought

Boedker scored as many goals last night as he had all season going in.

Oh and hey, we lost a huge game. At home. Really denting Friggin’ Todd’s immaculate reputation of being a big game head coach.

I know I’ve made fun of the crowds at that palace all year long but actual props to everyone who went out in -40 to watch Mikkel Boedker bury a hat trick against us.

Somebody not named McDavid won the Molson Cup!!!

What is this witchcraft?!

…….these guys, man:

Rub it in much. Do NOT get used to it, Bakersfield. Jesse picked up an assist in his AHL debut. Matty Ice and Tony Lander with a combined -4 in a combined 8:53 of ice time.

Iceman was just Cam last night. If anything he was closer to Val Kilmer’s Ice Man from Top Gun, and not Arnold Schwarzeneger’s from Batman & Robin. Happens to everyone. He’ll bounce back, he always does.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

He’s +3. That’s one very cute drink you’re sippin’ on in that bubble bath, Madd Doggy:

If the game were a song…

Drift Away” – Uncle Kracker…

Live look at the PAC race after last night:


Well, Tony Lander, Matty Ice, and Mark Letestu went a combined -7 in 3:24, 5:29, and 8:59 respectively, so not them.

I’m giving it to Matty Vegas, because A) nobody else really flew off the page at me, and B) good St. Albert kid who picked up his second career goal. I don’t care about what happened on the fifth goal against, that’s a puck Talbot absolutely has to save.

Benning now has more goals in his last three games than Eberle does in his last 22.


The Big Rig, who is well on his way to locking up the Gator’s Grinder of the Year at this point, and Anaheim is still paying half his salary hahaha okay thanks Anaheim. BR had a team-high six shots in over 21 minutes last night, and of course, dished out three hits. Just another day of Riggin’.

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