The Morning After Blog: HOWBOW DAH!!

HUGE divisional win! On the goddamn road, too. That’s 2017 Oilers hockey right there. We walked right into the Pond on ‘Don’t Bring a Friend Night’ in Anaheim and throttled the Ducks. That’s a team that had previously picked up at least a point in 11 straight against the Oil (it legit seems like every team has a ridiculous stat like that against us). This is how massive that win was:

We’re now TWO back of the Sharks, ONE back of Anaheim with a game in hand, and 10 points up on the closest waaiiittttttt…Vancouver has passed Calgary?!…..








1st Period

No scoring thanks to Cam Talbot playing out of his mind. But all in all, it was a solid road first period for the boys. I was watching the game with a buddy and we both agreed that if the first was any indication, the Oil should match up close and well with the Ducks in the playoffs. Back and fourth hockey, goalies making huge saves, physicality.


2nd Period

And then we hit the “Staples, That Was Easy” button.

Just over five minutes into the second, Leon banged home his 18th off the year. McDavid had pretty much as open of a shot from the slot as humanly possible, but elected to pick up his 41st disher instead.

Nobody was expecting that. Not Gibson. Not Drai. Definitely not Bieska. And speaking of Bieksa, let’s go to our ENS IMPACT REPLAY!

As you can see, he’s dead. Loved Bieska throwing his stick at the shot approximately eight minutes after it actually went into the net. Good effort. Kevin played 18:41 (!!!) last night. If he’s playing almost 19 minutes in April then give me the Ducks in the first round please and thank you. He’s a whole lot of suck.

With just over two to go in the second, it was Tony’s time to make a big play. Four-deuce created a huge turnover at the blue line, fed it to the Looch, who found Nuge hanging wide-open:

RNH now sitting at 11 on the year, quietly has a shot at 20. And just when you thought we were taking a two goal, road lead into the third, it was Zack McKassian time:



3rd Period

McThird Assist!

Leon’s now passed the Big Rig for the team lead. That’s 19 on the year for the Doctor.

The rest was history. The boys successfully shut down the Ducks, and the Iceman picked up a massive shutout for my fantasy team.

4-0 good guys!

Final Thoughts

ZACK!! Hope the O’Doul’s were flowing on the flight to Saint Joseph last night, that’s a FIVE game point streak for el Kass!!

The most absurd stat of all time:

Possible Bond villain Anton “Tony” Slepyshev is the Oilers secret weapon.

Bromace, level 1,000:

Pray for Hallsy.

The crisp, January air in the City of Concrete is starting to have a hint of playoff aroma.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Oilers hockey. That’s the first time I’ve used that sentence in 10 years.


Hottest Tweet of the Night

Say what you want about the Hall trade, but you can’t argue with this at all:

THIS GUY (!!!!!!!)!!!!:

If the game were a song…

Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

Fourth trip to Shutter Island for the Iceman. He’s now tied for fourth in the league with four shutouts, and tied for third in the league with 25 wins. But he’s not an All Star.


Cam Talbot played ridiculous. Made three or four gigantic saves in the first that kept the game scoreless. If that’s what a rested Talbot looks like then the West better hope we don’t clinch this division too soon. We play like three games in the next month so look out, NHL.


I’m actually going to give out co-Gator’s Grinders today. The Big Rig, because as usual, he was laying the body everywhere against his former team. Five hits, two shots, one assist. The Ducks were unable to contain el Grande Rig last night.

And, because of course:


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