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There’s a buzz around this city that I have never before witnessed in my entire adult life. This team is really, really good. Five months ago I would have been content with still being relevant at this point in the season. Instead, we’re battling for first in the division. This is more points than we’ve had in three of our last six full NHL seasons. Columbus won 3,000 games in a row and we’re only four back on them. Christ, we’re one point away from being the best team in Canada. That win moves us up to a 99.7% chance at making the playoffs, according to Sports Club Stats. We have FIVE regulation losses in our last 27 games. There was a time, not too goddamn long ago, where we’d have five wins in our last 27 games. I’ve never experienced hockey like this. Never. Even in 05/06 we hovered around mediocrity before actually hitting the juice button when it mattered. The team we are watching right in front of our eyes is out there proving every night that they can beat anyone, at any time. They are finding ways to win hockey games. We’re getting elite goaltending. We’re physically tormenting opposing teams. We’re Connoring the league. We’re scoring in excess. Our defense isn’t doing shit like this:


And now, we’re sitting tied atop the Pacific Division heading into the All Star break. What a time, Edmonton. Enjoy it. We deserve it.

1st Period

Before I even got to a TV, Logan Couture had made it 1-0 for Saint Joseph. That’s the type of start that would have historically put the Oilers into a pretzel for the rest of the game.

But not these Oilers.

With just over three to play, we had what I called the TSN Turning Point of the game. First, Talbot robbed Ryan Carpenter on a 2 on 1. Then, it was time to go Riggin’:

And you know what that means, it’s time for another ENS Impact Replay!!

Alright guys, what happened here was a terribly unfortunate sequence of events in Ryan Carpenter’s life. First, Carpenter failed his whole team by not getting San Jose up 2-0. Idiot. Next, his four teammates on the ice at the time decided to let our Big Rig get a full head of steam—always a bold strategy, Cotton. Finally, the Big Rig packed all of Carpenter’s things before sending him on a one way, nonstop trip straight to outer space. Ryan, if you remember this, you blew it.

The Big Rig’s clobberation of Carpenter seemed to wake the fellas up, and with only six seconds left in the period, Rejy stepped into one from the ladies tees:

Right off the Pickle’s midsection with a McPoint on top. Connor now has eight more assists than Calgary’s leading scorer has points.


2nd Period

Another Rej-bomb, another late period marker. And another road lead for the boys!


2-1 Sekera

3rd Period

0 to 100 real quick:

In like maybe 6.5 seconds, we lost a faceoff in our own zone, then scored a goal. Paul Martin doing his best pylon impression while our Drake torched the entire Sharks roster.

I wanted Rejy to get the empty net hatty so damn bad but I’ll settle for Connor I guess. Just his 59th point of the season, not a big deal.

Hey guys, we have 27 wins…and it’s only January.


4-1 Oilers

Final Thoughts

I can’t wait to laugh at everyone who laughed at us during the B.C. years.

It looks like it’s almost patio season in the 780 right now. My god. It’s like even the weather knows what’s up. Now picture the weather in April. Mmmm. Giddy up. I have never been able to hammer patio beers and watch the Oilers play in my life. The shitty thing about being 14 during our last trip to the playoffs is that AGLC has rules against that kind of thing. Rumour has it there was a cold one shortage during the last playoff trip. Challenge accepted.

Oh, daddddyyyyyy:


Breaking News: Generally fast player Connor McDavid will partake in tomorrow’s fastest skater contest.

No word yet on if there’s a heavy contest for Austin.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

If the game were a song…

Everything is Awesome‘ – Lego Movie



Iceman cometh yet again. Casual reminder that this guy isn’t an all star. He’s only leading the league in saves by 100.


The Big Rig by a landslide for absolutely clobbering Ryan Carpenter’s world. Our most extreme elimination of the day! Lit him up like Chad Johnson. You can’t contain this guy. Petey DeBoer was popping blood vessels on the bench as the Big Rig just bullied his way through the entire Sharks lineup. Buy some goddamn shirts.


PS – Oilers are killing it, weather is outstanding, and it’s the weekend. I’m no mathematician, but hell yes. Do you, Oilers fans. Do you.

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