Morning-ish After Blog: MATTY VEGAS FIRST NHL GOAL!

What a day for the T8N! If it wasn’t for St. Albert, Cory Schneider shuts us out. You’re welcome, Oilers.

1st Period

The boys came out flying. Connor was decimating ankles, Hallsy was getting spun inside out, the Big Rig was body bagging bodies:

I mean, it was as good of a start as anybody could have wished for. Connor could have had like maybe four. So of course it was New Jersey who struck first. Mythical human being Miles Wood got the Devils on the board near the halfway point of the first, and despite outshooting the Devils by more than double, the fellas trailed 1-rip after the first 20.

1-0 Devils

2nd Period

Something about Cory Schneider and playing the Oilers. The shots after two were 30-13 for the Oilers (!!!!) yet we still trailed by one. And they were fortunate it was only one. Connor channeled his inner Selke and saved the game for the boys with this ridiculous play beside our net:

Ya, Auston’s better defensively though. Covers Zetterberg. Heavy.

1-0 Devils

3rd Period

St. Albert to the rescue:

NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES!! Some are just born at the Braeside ODR. That’s my boy. That’s my boy right there. Live look at me the second that baby went in:

Oh my god was I ever proud. Felt like running to Akinsdale and kissing every single brick outside that glorious barn. Can’t imagine how big dog Brian felt watching his son put that baby in. I was so fired up I offered to buy the entire lounge at Cactus drinks, in my head. That’s the moment I’ve been waiting for since Matty Vegas got the call, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Oilers controlled everything after that. It was utter domination.

1-1 after tres


The Oil carried the Matty Vegas momentum into OT, and—following a very uncharacteristic failed toe drag, courtesy of Taylor Hall—Connor drew a penalty by using his average speed to murder bodies again, teeing up (literally) this puppy:

BOOM!!! Mark Letestu has eight goals, has an outside shot at 20 hahahaha what. El assist on that play. He now has 32 helpers. Stupid NHL.

More importantly though, the Oil get a HUGE two points, and grab a much earned W at the Rock.

2-1 Oilers, final

Final Thoughts

BIG win

Oh hey look at me I’m Taylor Hall I have the puck honey take a picture back-to-back Mem Cup MVPs AH I’M DEAD!

Ugh, hell ya. Get some, señor toe drag.

This is just preposterous:

That’s Jon Merrill who lost limbs right there. He then proceeded to clobber his own teammate, Damon Severson, who was an innocent bystander during that bloodbath and still felt the wrath of el Connor.

Speaking of, Connor had a career high eight shots. He was everywhere. Utterly dominant. That assist brings him to 46 points on the year. I’m booking it right now: 32 goals, 101 points. Hart Trophy. Cup MVP.

MATTY GODDAMN VEGAS, BOYS! Knew he’d get his first one soon. Only been calling it since November. Cold ones were had in his honour at the Crown and Tower and OJs on Giroux.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

And to think, it only took giving Ilya Kovalchuk a 17 year deal, 100 million big ones, and a trip to the Stanley Cup finals for him to say, “I’d still rather rot in Siberia than play in Newark.”

If the game were a song…

Big Man in Town‘ – Jersey Boys

One more time, because woof:


Connor was sensational, but…

We don’t even get to overtime if it wasn’t for our boy. That means Connor doesn’t get his league leading 46th point. That means we don’t get to witness yet another failed toe drag from the former Crystal Glass spokesman. That makes Matty V the MOP in my books.

Think I need to make some t-shirts.


Tie. The Big Rig for playing 20 mins, laying three hits, and being generally awesome. And Eric Gryba, for putting Hallsy onto his ‘slighted’ butt. Now let’s go beat Ottawa.

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