Ohhhhh This Is A Big Game: Sharks @ Oilers

Uh, ya. So this is a big game. I’d be even more excited if it wasn’t the Sharks. I’ve written 20 words and I’m already bored of them.


You thought the Jonas Gustavsson era was officially over right HA guess again:

El Monster cleared waivers, a surprise to absolutely no one, but the Oilers didn’t make another recall. LB is still kicking it in Bakersfield, and we didn’t claim another tendy, meaning your favourite puck allower is still backing us up tonight. One can assume he’ll never start a game for us again, so we’ll probably see a goaltending move like maybe tomorrow or something. I don’t know. Beat the Sharks.

Tonight’s Opponent

Saint Joseph Sharks

Why They Stink

That’s a lot of hardware for having virtually no relevant success at all.

Why Their Fans Stink

They boo everything, even “O Canada”.

Which Shark Stinks

Joe Thornton is on pace for four goals this year.

Why They Might Not Stink

You’re doing something right when you rock a better goals against than Montreal. And Friggin’ Todd friggin’ blows against his old team.

What kind of an asinine game plan is it to intentionally roll 27 out there in overtime? It’s like we don’t even care about divisional points.



That’s nice I like that.

Obviously this game is massive on epic proportions. A win vaults us ahead of the Sharks for the first time in what seems like months. Can’t afford to be giving away points anymore. Hope Talbot got some rest in the first 29 years of his life because Iceman cometh down the stretch and I’ll tell ya that for free.


4-1 Oilers. Two points for McDiddy because 50. Back to first place in the PAC.