Awe, Little Johnny Finally Took His First Penalty of the Year!

February 7th, 2017. The date of little Johnny’s first penalty of the season. It only took Connor two games to grab his first, but that got lost in the six points he dumped on Calgary during that stretch.

Two things, right off the bat: First, I’m pretty sure that unlike Hank’s wife, no sticks hit Ian Cole’s face. And second, if one did graze his jibs, it looks like the reason Johnny’s was so dangerously close was because it was Sean Monahan’s that inadvertently lifted it. In fact, it might have been Monahan’s stick entirely that jabbed Cole in the face, as it looks like the black tape job kind of clips his left cheek just as the puck rolls passed, then the ensuing flop from Cole shortly followed. So thanks to his best pal, little Johnny picked up a two minute vacation in the Sin Bin OH CUS IT OUT JOHNNY!

Earmuffs, kids! You bad, bad boy. Always trying to be like Connor:

Not going to help Mr. Lady Byng on his year end resume, what with Johnny Pouliot taking undisciplined offensive zone penalties like that. Tough, that was really their only hope in Vegas. But the good news for the 403 is that Calgary’s now undefeated in games where Johnny plays dirty. Gonna need a few more of those if they’re going to eradicate that seven point gap.

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