Johnny Fourth Line

Getting obliterated 5-0 by the Arizona Coyotes at home puts our game on Saturday into perspective. But sending little Johnny Hockey to the fourth line because he turned the puck over in the second really hammers home the current state in Calgary. He has just ONE goal in his last 17 games. This is the same guy who held out because he wanted $8-schmil a year. He’s on pace for career lows in everything. His -18 is tied with five (!!!) Avalanche players for 8th worst in the show. And now, most recently, he was demoted to the fourth line during last night’s game against Arizona for one turnover that lead to a goal.

Now then, sit down and picture Friggin’ Todd trying to put el Connor on el 4th line because of a turnover. I would make it my personal mission to fire him myself immediately during or after the game. Any McDemotion is a first degree fireable offense. But demoting Daddy is also as likely as Jordan Eberle maybe getting a little physical. Not in Calgary, however. The same team (different coach) that healthied Johnny last year just stuck him in the 10-11-12 slot with Gary Hathaway and Matty “No Trade Clause” Stajan. What’s even worse is my personal nemesis Micheal Ferland was the beneficiary of that demotion, jumping up to the “first line” with Troy Brouwer (lol) and that sumo-idiot Monahan.


Good times in the 403. Meanwhile, former Flames first round pick Emily Poirier and current Raiders kicker Mark Jankowski are blossoming at the professional level, with a combined 9 games and 1 point in their NHL careers to date. At least the future looks bright.


PS – Great guy Matt Tkachuk went -3 with no hits or shots in 15 minutes during last night’s catastrophic event.

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