Morning After Blog: OVER THE LINE, SMOKEY!!!!!!!!!

1st Period

Rain drop. Droptop. James Neal is a turbo flop.

PK Subban would channel his inner Marty Brodeur before teeing up Ryan Ellis for a literal detonation to get the Preds on the board first. And that lasted for exactly 24 seconds, before we unleashed the Daddy:


Find someone who loves you the way Connor loves torching NHL defensemen. Took the restrictor plate off the Red Dragon and obliterated both Roman Josi and Ryan Ellis.

Unfortunately, PK Subban’s rubber knees folded quicker than a deuce/seven offsuit, and the Preds would once again bury on the PP.

2-1 Teeps

2nd Period

Generally what one woulds describe as an exciting period of hockey. Nashville once again opened the scoring, surprisingly not on the power play, off a floater from not-at-the-moment good Edmonton boy Vern Fiddler. Iceman didn’t cometh on that one, but hey, it was his turn to be bailed out for a change.

Death, taxes, and Mark Letestu one timers on the power play:

Then the unthinkable:

Three major things happened on that play: First, Jordan Eberle had an out-of-body experience and won did not lose a puck battle. Two, Jordan Eberle went to the net. Three, Jordan Eberle put the puck in the net for just the fifth time since December 8th. I feel like I’ve been tricked. And what a heads up play by Rej with the one-touch slap pass on the tape of Eberle’s formerly clutch stick. First time we’ve had multi-$6 million goals in a period since I don’t even want to know how long.


3rd Period

Ugh, so much hell. So, basically, here’s the rundown. Kris Russell takes another goddamn penalty. Nashville enters the zone, dick around with it for a bit, then score. Todd challenges the zone entry—my least favourite thing not named ‘Micheal Ferland’ in all of hockey—and it appears as though Vicki Arvidsson is (by that stupid dumb idiot foot off the ice rule) clearly offside. The refs look at it for about an hour and finally decide that the play was conclusively onside. Let’s see the picture again:

I don’t know how you look at a replay for longer than it took the Oilers to rebuild and still blow the call but Tim Peel found a way! The controversial ‘foot off the ice’ rule that nobody likes and has cost the Oilers roughly three goals this year. It’s the most talked about, archaic rule in the book and the league is talking about eliminating it entirely, starting next season. But wait! Last night’s officiating crew decided they were going to remove it themselves. I legitimately do not get how you blow that call. It’s inexcusable. It’s McGeough against Dallas bad. And it probably cost the Oilers at least one point, which sucks so much, because Calgary.

5-4 Preds….

3-1 Flames…..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh farts.

Final Thoughts

Season Sweep, population Teeps.

The coach’s challenge is already a flaming pile of shit garbage that is designed to suck the fun out of hockey with an industrial-sized vacuum and it’s somehow even worse when they fuck it all up. I would have been more happy if there was no coaches challenge, and Nashville was just awarded the goal, because A) we wouldn’t have had to wait 39 minutes for the officials to go back and look at a zone entry that had absolutely nothing to do with the play, and B) because knowing that a play that had nothing to do with the goal at all was in clear violation of the rule and yet still miscalled is even more irritating than the entire concept behind this stupid, goddamn fairy tale bullshit the GMs obsess over. I hate this league.

It wasn’t all suck. Goal number 21 and point number 71 for el Connor, extending his league lead in points to four over Sid. Now 19 games away from becoming just the second Oiler in history to win the Art Ross, and the first since el Gretz did it all the way back in 86-87.

Hahaha okay so Calgary is not-so-low-key four points behind us and I’m not saying drink the bleach but at least bring it out of the drawer and keep it within arm’s reach.

Albeit, a first round match against Calgary would be the epitome of liver destruction. I’m legitimately unsure if I could handle the collateral physical and financial damage that a seven game series against those imbeciles would do to me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t torqued to midnight just thinking about it.

Kris Russell took two penalties that directly led to goals against and nobody is more ‘I told you so-ing’ today than Matt Henderson but he’s probably been doing that for about two months now because Kris Russell has been playing like all the piss.

Happy birthday, Gene! You have no idea how bad I wanted the boys to get our boy Gener that dub. He and Joey, man. They’re the only two that have been here for all of it.

St. Albert Highlight of the Night, brought to you by the Crown & Tower

St. Vegas’s own Joshua Winquist for this mental display of hockeying:

Ohhhh MY!!!! Haven’t seen Josh rip out a move like that in Chel, let alone real life actual hockey. Shit was so good it made the American (!!!) SC highlight of the night:

Hottest Tweet of the Night

If the game were a song…

Wasted Time” – Keith Urban

Once again, I’d like to thank Timmy Peel and his crew of oblivious idiots for wasting what felt like 50 minutes of our time to ultimately get a call wrong.


Don’t blink:


Connor actually led the team with four hits so you know what he can have this one too.

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