The Morning After Blog: W #30

That feeling you get when you hit 30 wins for just the third time in eight years:

GIVE ME TEN, NORTON! Here we go, Edmonton!

Welcome to the 30 club, boys and girls. Yes, despite Jordan Eberle’s best efforts, the Oil have 30 dubs for only the third time since I graduated high school.


This is the shit I was talking about:

Dammit, Gene. I’ll give Gener credit, nobody brings it on a day-to-day basis like my dude Principe.

1st Period

Just a terrible start for the boys. Former Flame Josh Jooris opened the scoring for ‘Zona. The Oil went a quick 0-1 on the PP. The biggest piece of excitement came from this bro sitting right behind the Oilers bench:

God I love this town. The low hangers it takes to willingly rock a ‘rip joint tee in a prime camera location.

1-0 Yotes

2nd Period

Connor Murphy touched a generational face with his stick (something something, Hank’s wife) which gave the Oilers a power play just minutes into the second. And like he’s done all year, it was Leon who got the boys going with a big goal:

And 31 seconds later, it was time for a little Ice… Matty style:

IT’S LIKE WHEN YOU’RE DYING DOG OCCASIONALLY GETS UP TO SHIT ON HIS OWN!!! I mean nobody in this city celebrates harder than me when 2-3 gets mucking in the blue paint and bangs one home. Just the literal definition of a Matty Ice goal. Iiro the Hero picked up an apple, meaning he’d be on pace for 82 points this season goddammit that knee injury. And just like that the fellas had taken the lead… and then just 11 seconds later we gave it right back. Future not Coyote Martin Hanzal evened things up on a shot from Pluto.

But, Connor McFirstAssist to the rescue:

Power play juggernaut Mark Letestu now has six on the year with a man up, 11 total. Also has a sneaky good one timer. The guy who used to be in that position wears number 14 and went to one timer school this summer, where he was eventually placed on academic probation. God knows how many career points he’s robbed from el Connor but one can frightfully imagine.

Anyways, who cares.

3-2 Oilers

3rd Period

Closinggggg timeeeee. Time to punish ‘Zona and light up Louis Domingue.

That’s Klefbom’s ninth. Three Coyotes went full Oilerz and all drifted towards the boards, leaving Oscar wide the hell open. Ah, nostalgia. Leon picked up his 29th assist on that one. He’s second on the team in assists, behind Connor’s 45.

Speaking of that 45th assist, Connor would pick it up on the Big Rig’s 20th goal of the year. Anaheim is paying him to play for us.

5-2 Oilers, good night Jim Kyte.

Final Thoughts


Man, all it really takes is pulverizing a bottom feeder at home against their backup for me to resort back to daydreaming about our Cup parade down Jasper.

Get your boners ready:

And so, so damn close:

I’m hardly ever that close so I’m taking that as a W for the prediction team. Good job, me.

Jordan Eberle and RNH running the second unit gives me all the ulcers.

Obligatory, “this might be the final time we play Arizona so let’s remember all the good times and stuff.”

It will never stop being great! Gonna miss this when they #packtheirshit and move to Seattle or Quebec or goddamn Portland.

When you show Matty Ice the replay of Connor’s speed:


And we all know what Thursday means for oh captain my captain:

#DontPrayForBrandonManningNight at the Rog Mahal. My god I can’t wait to see what Connor does to his ankles. Going on a limb and saying nobody has ever cared enough to boo Brandon Manning in his useless career, but that will change tomorrow night.

Hottest Tweet of the Night

Hahahaha I have no idea why I enjoy this so much but dammit, here I am, laughing like an idiot. Really makes you wonder who Steve voted for.

That also implies that Arizona has good players to be had. Marty Hanzal is a sneeze away from tearing his ACL, Radim Vrbata cannot play for teams not named ‘Coyotes,’ and Shane Doan is 102. Please God trade them to American teams or the east coast.

*Update: Did this last night, and the guy protected his tweets this morning. Probably because he knew he was making it onto ENS. Luckily, embedding it last night means I still have the script of it.*

If the game were a song…

In honour of the Oilers actually winning a season series against Arizona…

How Bizarre” – OMC


Leon Draisaitl has one less point than Alex Ovechkin, and 30 more than elite player Sam Bennett. That was his sixth (!!!) three point game of the year. Unanimous.


God, you have no idea how bad I wanted to give this one to Matty Ice for grinding home a big goal and making all sorts of disoriented facial expressions but the Big Rig finished the night with a goal, five hits, and eight shots. Guy was a goddamn menace. He’s your Gator’s Grinder, but sending love over to Matty Ice for somehow still surviving out there. Honourary Gator’s thumb up:

Also, shout out to Iiro the Hero for throwing four hits in his return. Rare that we see three strong candidates for this award on any given night in the past, but that’s just 16/17 Oilers hockey. When this team’s going, they’re tough as hell to play against. 1-0 with Pakman in the lineup.

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