Puck Drop Preview!:Oilers @ Hurricanes

I lost to Teeps AGAIN.

Woof, almost didn’t get this one out on time. Hah, Fridays.


Iceman to the rescue. Nuge and Ebs get a new liney. And hopefully, just hopefully, we don’t get shuttered tonight.

Tonight’s Opponent

Carolina Hurricanes

And the Oilers would go on to win game six as well.

The gif doesn’t do Bob Cole’s call of the play justice, so here:


Why They Stink

The Hurricanes began as a team that quite literally ended the greatest uniforms in sports history. Yes, to make way for these redneck idiots we were forced to retire the Hartford Whalers and all of their beauty. Now it’s 2017. Trump’s president, and instead of having the Whalers in all of their glory, have this shit bag of a franchise with an owner—Peter Karmanos Jr—who’s being sued for $105 million by his own sons.

Karmanos is the same guy who ripped the Whalers straight outta Hartford. He was so ready to get the hell out of New England that he moved the team to Raleigh two whole years before the arena was actually built. As a result, the team was forced to play in Greensboro, which is only a 90 minute drive from Raleigh. This is what games look like in Raleigh, today:

So you can imagine what it looked like when they told season ticket holders to drive 80 miles west to see the ‘Canes lose to Florida on a goddamn Thursday.

Why Their Fans Stink

I’m not going to say much, just please, watch this video. These are real people, not actors:


The Raleigh Hurricanes!!!!!! Fuck them for winning a Stanley Cup.

These folks don’t care about professional sports. Their lack of lust for the ‘Canes is the exact same as their lack of lust for the Panthers and Hornets as well. This is a fan base that has perpetually used their professional sports teams as placeholders in between their ACC football and basketball games. I’m pretty sure the people of the Carolinas worship the fictional Myrtle Beach Mermen more than the Hurricanes. And the numbers seem to back me up:

The Hurricanes are two games over .500, sit only seven points back of a playoff spot in the toughest division of all time, have a ridiculously good home record, and are still drawing less than a team that plays in a basketball center, and a team that plays in Arizona.

Why They Might Not Stink

They’re actually a really, realllyyyyy good home team.

The Roundup

This is one of the two teams left in the entire league that McDavid doesn’t have a point against (three including us, but, well). Not much time to sulk about last night. Tonight, the boys roll into Raleigh to play a meaningful hockey game for the first time in 11 years. We’re quietly on a two game losing streak and I’m pretty sure the rest of the division not named Arizona is undefeated since the All Star break.

So, long story short, the boys really need a win tonight. It’s been the most ridiculous 24 hours I’ve ever been through and as an unfortunate result I’m starting to believe a little less in my playoff guarantee*.


7-4 good guys. Connor’s never gone three straight without a point and, since he’s due for one against Carolina anyways, he naturally gets four.


*JK, still guarantee it.

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