Still Racing for First Placing: Oilers @ Predators

God I hate these piss-coloured idiots.

Yay! Six more weeks of winter!!!

Thanks for absolutely nothing, Balzac Billy. Your shadow sucks.


Iceman’s (probably) in the crease. Other than maybe swapping Matty Ice for Tony Lander there really probably will not be any changes.

Tonight’s Opponent

Don’t see Gnash running around acting all tough now that we brought up Hunter from the afterlife.

Why They Stink

I could have sworn we had played Nashville three times already, but nope. Nope, we still have two more games against them, including tonight. In fact, we play them three times in a total of 37 days. I have no idea what we did to deserve that cruel, unsolicited torture but dammit Gary, I’m sorry. This team is not fun to watch. They’ve somehow made PK Subban not fun to watch. Their sweaters and dumb, stupid, ungodly buckets literally burn your eyes out. When I list the NHL teams in alphabetical order there’s always about a 3/1 chance I forget about the Predators. Who would cheer for these guys?

Why Teeps Stinks

Oh, gosh darn it! That’s right, I almost forgot. That guy who I don’t pay, he does. Former Merchants bench warmer, present softball bench warmer, and your favourite unpaid author of a blog every three weeks, Teeps! My bewilderment for his inexplicable love of this god awful team is second only to the befuddled look I had when Calgary drafted a kicker in the first round. I’ve asked him why probably 100 times, and he’s either never given me a legitimate answer, or I’ve never truly cared enough to listen. I have no idea what made this guy wake up one day and go, “yes, Nashville!” Nobody ever says that unless it’s like the CMAs or a goddamn bachelorette party.

Which Pred Stinks

How ’bout I traded a second round pick for Fil Forsberg in my salary cap keeper league and he has two more points than Vicky Arvidsson?

Why They Might Not Stink

I text Teeps before every Preds game pretty much to tell him what I think about him, his team, and his wife. And then they always beat us.

Oh and in 2008, if we would have beat Nashville one time we would have made the playoffs, and this whole 10 year thing would be all for not. I hate them for, among things, that.


Well, San Jose and Anaheim didn’t play the Oilers on Tuesday, so they won. We’re back to third in the PAC. now. I know it’s been a while, but I never remember all this closeness happening in previous divisional races.

Book this: Teeps and I will be heading to Nashville when we inevitably play the Predators in the conference finals. And I will stand in that yellow piss bowl with my bright orange McJersey on, and Dikembe Mutombo the shit out of that catfish.


Oilers win 6-3. Suck it, Teeps.

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