The Super Bowl Is Tonight: Oilers @ Canadiens

I’m going to make this short and sweet because it’s like fucking Nam in my bathroom today.


That is just a terrible defense.

Tonight’s Opponent

Montreal Canadiens

Why They Stink

Ya, this one’s too obvious. Moving on.

Why Their Fans Stink

Well, one current Oiler and one current recycler don’t particularly like them.

But the feeling seems relatively mutual:

Make no mistake about it, these are the worst goddamn fans in the NHL. Worse than Philly. Worse than Boston. Worse than Toronto. Even worse than my arch rivals, Winnipeg. Nobody is more entitled than Montreal. They’re the white, straight, cisgender males of the NHL. “Hockey’s Mecca” as it’s know, and yet about 14 people showed up to watch Canada play in the World Juniors.

Also, Justin Trudeau is a Habs fan. Yes, the Habs Nation gave us the Carbon Tax.

Which Hab Stinks

Future Golden Knight, Alexei Emelin. I seriously cannot wait to watch this flaming pile of luggage get ripped to shreds by Connor for the next two years until Vegas inevitably waives him.

Why They Might Not Stink

Nope, they’re dead. McDaddy’s thirsty.

The Roundup

This is one of those rare teams that the Oil have had a bit of success against in the past. And Al Montoya is starting tonight! Eat, Connor. EAT!


6-0 Oilers. Everybody instantly forgets about the losing streak. Connor puts on a clinic, burying trois.


PS – 35-28 Falcons. Julio with three.


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